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Hawk does commissions!

I will draw…ANYTHING

okay not anything(negotiations via pm)

Keep in mind these prices are estimated, they may vary on the time spent on the drawing, and the level of details. Please, send a PM to @hawker-rawr-is-watching-you​ if you want to commission me.


  • Sketches: 3$
  • Coloured sketches(flat): 10$

  •  Coloured sketches w/ shading: 12$

  •  Lineart: 12$

  • Chibis (fully coloured only): 20$ 

Now, I want to I make special emphasis on thie next two categories as digital paintings and fully coloured pictures require a lot of dedication and effort. So the prices will vary specifically in these two categories.

  •  Fully coloured: 60$

  • Digital painting: if you want to put me through hell this may cost you over 85.

Extra characters:

  For sketches: 3

 For coloured sketches, chibis and lineart: 15

  For fully coloured pictures and digital paintings: 35


  For sketches, coloured sketches and lineart: 5

 For chibis, fully colored pictures: 20

 For digital paintings: 40

Currency: American dollars.

Payment method: Paypal or Payoneer 




Hey everyone. So within the past couple hours I have had some really bad news put onto me. 

     So my mom has informed me that we are in the situation that the bank is super close to foreclosing our home. Both of us were in a pretty bad car accident last year, and has thus hurt us both in the ways of working. She and I both have a hard time working for long periods of time, and with that we haven’t been able to make house payments. Our cable/internet is going to be shut down any day. And if we lose our home, we lose our dogs. Our dogs are everything to us, to me. I’m coming to tumblr in desperation, asking for any help that I could get to possible save our home and our family. I am not looking for handouts though and am opening up commissions: Pay what you want edition. Any little bit helps. Below you will find some examples of what I can do:

    I can do simple icons, chibis, linearts, colored pics, whatever you would like! I do ffxiv art, OCs of any kind, and will try my best to make whatever comes my way! I will not draw mechs (cannot draw them >< ) heavy gore or nsfw or any kind, sorry ;;

    So please, message me if you are interested in commissioning me, or if you simply want to donate, I will link my paypal below. Please, I have nowhere else to really turn, and I am terrified to think of what will be happening in the next few weeks. Any and all help is appreciated, and thank you for listening.

                    Please Commission Me Today


chibi drawig for #tamaishi design 😅

majd ez megy az újsàgba 😁😅😉

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