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Bane is raising Talia’s son Damian.

Bruce is not okay with Damian being raised by Bane but Bane is Damian’s Dad now. Bane’s number one priority is Damian. Even if he’s a hellion. (He is an Al Ghul after all.) Bane raised Talia, he will honour her by raising her son as well.

John is the best Early Childhood educator and expert in Gotham. He runs a daycare called the League of Nannies. The League has their work cut out for them. Damian’s tantrums are legendary.

Bruce is Damian’s birth father. He demands time in Damian’s life. Bane agreed only because Barsad (Damian’ Godfather) needs some time away from Damian to sleep.

Tim and Dick can’t believe they are forced to babysit several times a week. Jason refuses to babysit but will do daycare pickup. He loves to see grown ups cry because Damian is either an angel or causing chaos.