chibi japan


Ok check out some of the awesome stuff you can buy on Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Kawaii as hell Scouting Alpacas, tiny girls to hang off your drinks, you can get Shinji Ikari’s friggin face on your junk. There’s also a section full of doujins too, including Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin ones (though the anime alone has its own section you can check out!)

I’m pretty sure you, like I, NEED this stuff. I just bought the mug with a :3 face on it for frick’s sake. Shit’s adorable, how could I not? 

Now, these things can be expensive, so here’s my gift to you:

this link

will allow you to make an account on the site, which will give you $5 free. If you confirm your email, it’ll give you an extra 500 points, which you then convert into ANOTHER $5.

That’s a free $10 to buy that sugoi kawaii desu whatever piece of awesome you want. 

Some of these items have free shipping too. Those little plastic girls up there? Free shipping and they’re less than $2 each, you could buy 5 and pay nothing at all. 

Hell you could get away with buying something brilliant and only have to pay $1.50 extra for it.

Use that link and get yourself something friggin awesome because you deserve it.

Seriously those mugs are too damn cute I’m buying them all