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Sorry for my complete lack of activity
Life just hasn’t been very nice to me lately (to put it mildly)

So here have some chibi RusAme

I still have lots of WIP files but rn i have nearly no time, school’s killing me and the weather here is just way too hot for september, so don’t expect anything too soon.
But i’ll definitely try my best to finish them


WIP so right now im working on new techniques and such and this is it so far im trying to work more on coloring and shading in my art since i tend to draw just simple sketches and pictures were not much coloring is involved sooo yaaa…. for all u ppl out there who followed me for my art your time is soon to come òwó (sadly school is ganna start again tomorrow so i wont have much time to work on the pictures TvT)

My top 10 Voltage Men Challenge..(I hate this just saying)
This will probably be different next week XD..or tomorrow.
Tagged by: @button-kitty (you’re mean xd)

So I don’t know what went inside my head when I thought: Maybe instead of screenshots I should draw AND COLOUR all my favourite men! What can possibly go wrong? Boy was that a big mistake.

Anyways moving on :p

10. Issei Sezaki (KOR)
He’s a hawt hawt doctor. What more can I say? XD (SEASON 2 COME TO MAMA SOON)

9. Takuto Hirukawa (LLFTX)
My first favourite tsundere boy ever ;-; Playing his route made me smile like an idiot non stop XD 

8. Joshua Lieben (BMP)
Joshy was my first ever Voltage crush and I still adore him very much ^^ He likes onigiri, that alone makes him perfect for me already haha

7. Ivan Chernenkov (BMP2)
This man captured my heart the first few seconds I laid my eyes on him XD And he owns wolfs. As Pets. Nuf Said.

6. Yamato Kougami (MFW, MWA7R)
My first husbando in MFW..ah the memories ^^ I adored Yamato. The best part about him is that he can cook, that’s all it takes to steal my heart. Food for life!

5. Ren Shibasaki (MFW, MWA7R)
Ren my precious baby! He’s too precious..I loved him in MFW. He didn’t change much in MWA7R but to be honest I couldn’t enjoy the story at all. Nonetheless he’s still on my number 5 ^^.

4. Soryu Oh (KBTBB) 
I like Soryu the most in KBTBB and couldn’t help but squeel while playing his route haha. Also I like him better with his hair down (rawr). 

3. Scorpio (SCM)
Just when I thought that I’ve seen the best tsundere (Takuto) already, Scorpy comes over and sweeps me of my feet. I love the apple prince!

2. Dui (SCM)
Dui was the whole reason I even bothered to look at SCM (and I’m very happy I did xd) His smile made me fall in love with him in an instant and Shadow Dui only made it better XD 

1. Kiyonori Taishi (ASA)
Taishi knocked my bias Dui over. I’m surprised how much I adore him. The reason why he’s my number 1 is that he was able to surprise me unlike the others. I didn’t pick Taishi because of his looks cuz gosh I hate his hairstyle (at first). He has his own charms and I adore that about him ^^ 

Now to continue this (stupid, cuz I can’t just pick 10 guys!) challenge I’m going to tag: @dreamofanime89 (payback) @mioyaya, @redgreatandpowerful, @smile-smile-ichthys, @spoopymagicalgirl, @huedhaut-the-mudkip, @otomekat

…this is just evil ;-;