chibi iris


Super belated Day 1 of PokeAni Week– Favourite Saga, Best Wishes!, of course. Have a ridiculous BW! trio comic-ish thing with a grumpy Dent.

I already talk about it at length, anyways. See this tag. Here too.

It just genuinely makes me happy, I love all the main characters (I NEVER felt strongly invested in anyone aside from the TRio before) and their rivals too, the art style is very cute and the animation in battles impressive and really takes advantage of the battlefields, the tone has a really nice range. Episode N is my favourite arc ever. I love how many daring things the show did this series, it really broke formula for the first time since the first two seasons and it was really nice to see.

The BW! trio’s friendship felt real and balanced, I love their dynamics, I love that they can get on each other’s nerves, but also genuinely love and support each other 100% (Satoshi/Ash deciding to stop his journey to stay with Iris and the Monozu/Deino until its trainer comes back, little things like that!).

The Te wo Tsunagou ending makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, I like the way it wraps up the rivals’ storylines but also drives home that everyone Satoshi’s met is still important to him and that he supports them all on their dreams and keeps in touch, even if we don’t usually get to see it. ;_;

A lot of you guys on twitter and tumblr have wanted me to go back to drawing chibis again (that’s been, like, 3-4 years ago) and welp, it is happening, my friends. I plan on making these into charms to sell at future conventions since it’s about time I make more merch. Also, yes, I will be drawing all of the mainline goddesses (including yellow, blue, and orange)

@earceus just shared the Pocket Monsters Girls Mini-Charas with me, so! Here they are, aren’t they precious?!

Kasumi’s text is “Go! My steady!” (A number of characters have unique calls to battle, like Shinji’s “Battle standby!”/Paul’s “Standby for battle!”, but there’s no dub equivalent for Misty, I think.)

“I’m a little happy, kamo (maybe)~!“ (Haruka’s characteristic “kamo” verbal tic that makes her sound very unsure, even when she says her name ^3^; … the dub missed out on making her say “maybe“ a lot, when they even named her May!)

“Daijo~bu!“/”It’s o~kay!“ Hikari’s catchphrase, original equivalent of Dawn’s “No need to worry!”

“That Satoshi (Ash)– what a kid!“ Iris’ catchphrase, of course!

“I’m finally at the starting line to the race to my dream!“ an iconic Serena line. ^^