chibi inkie mod

askbubblepop said: ;____; I would go to bronycon with you… if i could

chibi-inkie-mod said: this is one of the reasons in the “no go” side of going to that con c’:

alaaaaaaaaaan said: i w wwouldn’t go if there’s no one there yyou know., because.„ like. bronies. it’s your choice but yyy eea;;; please be careful!!

You guys should all come so we can build up an army of nervous people! ;u; wecantakedowntheconwithourtimidness!!! Also I will smuggle you on the plane Rue don’t test me! I WILL DRIVE DOWN THERE TO PICK YOU UP… onceIgetmyliscense…

askequestrianboys said: ((Hey I’m gonna try to go to bronycon we can hang haha uvu))

‘u’ Ehehe~ that would be absolutely wonderful~!