chibi fem england

England x Fem!France Au!

Do you remember my last post with an Lineart of Fem!France and England like an Opera singer and her butler?

I decided to draw them again but using colors and adding a new character!

Now! Their Profiles!

Marianne Bonnefoy

A popular Opera singer, All Europe have their eyes on her! A young woman with a marvelous and beautiful voice. Marianne is fashionist, dramatic and she loves to receive attention, sometimes she can get annoying but her kind heart is big .She LOVE to tease her personal butler everyday, using all her charms and some tricks.You will totally love her!

Arthur Kirkland

An english man with a mysterious past. Arthur Kirkland is Marianne’s  personal butler and the one who give orders to other servants in Marianne’s Mansion. Nobody knows why Arthur leaved England in first place or how he end in Marianne’s Mansion. Serious, grumpy, sarcastic, Arthur is completely different, not like Marianne. He get really annoyed with Marianne’s games and jokes but for some reason he’s her most loyal butler…

Madeline Williams

The clumsy and innocent maid. Madeline leave Canada, trying to find a new life in France and become a fashion designer but that’s not simple… and the poor Madeline have a very bad luck. Marianne gave her a job and the canadian  is always doing her best to keep the Mansion all clean. Maddie is very close to Marianne and Arthur and she get really flustered when a certain and handsome chauffeur is around her…


I hope you like it! I know my english sucks :,V