chibi esque


Mori the Winged Chibi Fox

Adorned with stars and full of energy, this little starry-eyed troublemaker is ready to embark on adventure!

A light partial with beautiful plush wings, sewn-in star markings, a GIANT tail [about 40 inches long], “shiny” following eyes, an amazing moving jaw, and soft minky pawpads.

This is my signature chibi/kemono-esque style.
I LOVE doing suits in this style! I hope to do many many more!!

~Mori will be debuting at FWA 2015! Please be friendly and kind to her!

Muriel: I don’t get it! What am I doing wrong!? Why are people afraid of me!?

Twain: Not saying anything…

Personally, this is one of my pet peeves when it goes with art. It’s typically when an artist draws a character older/younger than they look. I mean, I look like a teenager while I’m 19, but if you’re telling me a curvy busty character is 14 and a chibi-esque character is 18, I’m going to be super bothered by it.

I tend to see this in the Splatoon community a lot and it just irks me. owo

Also I like the design I did for the Inkling OC. She started off plain, but I didn’t want to leave her like that.

Splatoon © Nintendo

OCs & Comic © @twilightmoon1996


*~*C O M M I S S I O N   T I M E *~* EDIT: Price tweaks


Hey, help me pay off my student loans and maybe eat sometimes. 

  • So I’m offering two different styles: my regular style and chibi-esque style.
  • I’m pretty open to drawing any character, fanart, or even yourself if you wish! 
  • However, I won’t draw: Pornography, graphic nudity, or anything generally offensive. Also, mecha stuff isn’t really for me so I’d like to avoid that too.
  • If you are commissioning a colour piece, I will send you a rough sketch to make sure everything looks right before moving on to colour.
  • And obviously price will depend on complexity of detail. Feel free to email me for a quote with specifics!

PAYMENT: So I accept full payment up front and all prices can be in USD or CAN. 

Thanks, friends! ;-;