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5$ Chibi commissions

Hey all, I need to get a new phone due to my old one dying. I’ll be offering some commissions to help. I’ll be offering some half body chibi esque drawings for 5$ (USD) fully shaded and all (like above) Payment will be upfront and via paypal invoice.

I’ll offer 5 slots

  • 1: Taken
  • 2: Taken.
  • 3: Taken
  • 4; Taken
  • 5

If you can’t afford please spread the word. 

Hi!! This is an official post for my commissions! I’ll be only taking a certain amount of slots. Payment will be thru paypal ( I will send you the paypal me link)

Feel free to message/inbox me on Tumblr if you have any questions or want a quote, and/or fill out this google form if you’re interested!! The chibi-esque style above is how anthro characters will be drawn. Animals are drawn semi-realistic or chibi (In the Google form, if you have a certain preference, please note it there). 

Please check my #sketch tag for examples of my $6 b/w sketches.

For now, I’ll only do: 

- ‘anthro’/furry
- animals (examples: Moro from Princess Mononoke, kiba from wolf’s rain, kyubey)
- oc (animal/anthro oc, I do monsters and dragons, too)

I have three slots open that are first come, first serve. Prices vary depending on character complexity. (Example above is like $8 b/w and $14 for color)
Additional characters are $4 each.



Hi everybody! Yesterday, I opened my very own Etsy shop! I will be making magnets, keychains, coasters, and stand-up figures with perler beads for various games, shows, movies, etc. My next project (coming very soon!) will be a line of LGBT+ heart magnets! But, before I can worry about that, I want to tell you all about the product(s) that I’m selling right now:


I’ve designed and created chibi-esque magnets for all of our favorite Dads from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator which was released mid-July on Steam, and created by the lovely Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray in collaboration with the Game Grumps. 

These magnets, whether one or the whole set of seven, are perfect for your fridge, whiteboard, magnetic chalkboard, or any other magnetic surface you can find!

Please consider supporting me and checking out these magnets HERE

Whether or not this is the right product for you, it would be amazing if y’all could help me out with a quick reblog so as many DDADDS fans can see this as possible <3 This is my first time selling on Etsy, so any support at all would mean the world to me!


Soooooo I haven’t been posting much art lately and these are partly to blame???

I had to do a Lailah Chibi for a different project, and when I was done I was all ‘what if I did ALL of them like this—?’… and so this is the result? You can see I grew more comfortable in the style as time went on (Lailah is first, form January, Mikleo is last, from today) so they’re a smidgeon different buuuuut I still think they look good together?

I’ll be selling these as Stickers at ConFusion 2016 (Gothenburg) and then hopefully as both Stickers and Keychains at NärCon 2016 (Linköping) so for anyone attending those two cons, feel free to swing by and check them out??

If demand is high I might sell them here on tumblr as well, so if you’d like that to happen, please tell me about it! I would be stoked if anyone would want them, so feel free to give a shout!

Anyway, I’ve never quite done a project like this (especially not in anything remotely chibi-esque) so it was a challenge. Still, I’m reallly pleased with the result and I hope you all like them, too! Also sitting poses are SO hard (including figuring out new ones after 4-5 different)

(Sorry for the ugly watermarks, but I’d rather not these get reposted or stolen elsewhere for now)

(order of creation (for anyone interested) is Lailah > Sorey > Dezel > Edna > Alisha > Rose > Zaveid > Mikleo)

anonymous asked:

Hey man, I'd love to see more of your realistic work like in your latest piece, it's phenomenal and I feel like it has more verve than your typical chibi-esque style

i mean yeah i definitely want to do more!! but like. it takes a lot of effort and i get frustrated cause i donnnt think i have a definite style and its just more difficult to do?? so even though the chibis may lack Verve, theyre done quicker and its more Fun yknow

I just realized that I actually hadn’t ever drawn my favorite band of outlaws, and I immediately felt the need to rectify that, so here’s a very haphazard chibi-esque (?) doodle??

jmariofan7  asked:

Fan Art or Comic Idea: Maya Fey in Prison Uniform Since the universe clearly wants her to be in Prison, why not give it what it wants and give Maya a much needed clothing change that we never see her in, or also try to draw some fan art of the Ace Attorney series greatest couple, Maya X Prison Cell (Think a what-if or AU where Phoenix never became a lawyer), It can either be stripes or a orange jumpsuit, and her hair is down. Please? :)

This… has been asked for years, isn’t it…? I’m so sorry I never checked my inbox, and university decided to kill me before I have any chance to do anything but here is a very, very late prisoner!Maya with both stripes and orange jumpsuit! I hope this is what you had in mind when requesting it!


She’s been doing that for hours everyday… poor Gumshoe…

anonymous asked:

It's not exactly an oc, but can i send a picture i drew with a little chibi-esque version of myself for a redraw of? (Possibly a re-draw in a non chibi form?)

Sure! I am up for that!

Just had the strangest dream last night. I don’t remember the most of it, but for some reason I had figures of the Kira Kira Precure girls in my possession. I had the Parfait, Macaron and Gelato ones in my hands but somehow I knew I had the other three too. I think I had two sets, both a “normal” figure and a chibi-esque version. Looking at MyFigureCollection, they really exist… 

The scary thought is that the figures in my dream were high quality and therefore must have cost a ton of money, and I don’t like the idea that I would put that much actual money to Precure (at least this season). And especially paying for anything Ichika related! Maybe I had bought them as a set, that’s the only way I can make peace with the idea.

Muriel: I don’t get it! What am I doing wrong!? Why are people afraid of me!?

Twain: Not saying anything…

Personally, this is one of my pet peeves when it goes with art. It’s typically when an artist draws a character older/younger than they look. I mean, I look like a teenager while I’m 19, but if you’re telling me a curvy busty character is 14 and a chibi-esque character is 18, I’m going to be super bothered by it.

I tend to see this in the Splatoon community a lot and it just irks me. owo

Also I like the design I did for the Inkling OC. She started off plain, but I didn’t want to leave her like that.

Splatoon © Nintendo

OCs & Comic © @twilightmoon1996


Been on a Paper Mario craze lately so thought I’d try out some fanart in a Paper Mario-esque/chibi style

Here we’ve got @tropicalsleet and @imalsoembarrassed being cute together (I like to think Were-Javs remembers who rubs his belly :3)

@scarletbragon with his awesome music skills. Sorry I couldn’t think of another pic ;-;

@modeling-cloy as Kirby and sporting a nifty hat (I didnt know what color scheme to use, so I used this as a ref)

@bawdywawdy cosplaying as his Touhou OC Henran no Megami and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

and a bit for myself cause I love pocky and Gomamon is my absolute favorite digimon, I’d definitely cosplay is him