chibi enjolras

What if Grantaire’s a pretty mediocre artist? I see posts and fic where Grantaire’s always really good at art, but what if he really is just kinda pretty mediocre? He’s not bad, he just needs more practice really. He gets maybe 100 notes on a good day and a smattering of comments, and people like it when he draws chibis, but he’s not a great artist.

But Enjolras, who’s a BNF, always reblogs his art and points it out to people and Grantaire’s like Okay but we had a group outing to the gallery and you thought someone had thrown up on the Pollock so forgive me if I don't really trust your art judgement and Enjolras shushes him, and buys a laptop skin off society6 or something.

And Grantaire is just so baffled, but Enjolras really isn’t just being super nice because they’re in the same group of friends or anything, he really does think it’s great and he's wrong, right, but… well, it’s nice :3

“Oooooh. Your hair doesn’t stick in my face now it’s short,” says Grantaire happily over Enjolras’ shoulder. He looks far too pleased with himself.  —(“École Maternelle Les Amis vi)

Catchin up with the readin’ means I’m sketchin. Apologies to defractum! >< Gigil is when you can’t stand how cute something is