chibi dipper

In your dreams~

a collection of chibi dream demons (+ guardians)

Bill Cipher (human form)

Will Cipher (Reverse Falls AU)

Bell Cipher (Cipher Family AU) -me!

Wibbly Cipher - @the-space-case

Tad Strange (demon)

Kill Cipher (Fight Falls AU) - @buryooooo

Dipper and Mabel Pines (Zero Gravity AU) - @tanosan96

Buck and Della Cipher (Cipher Family AU) -also me ha


Im just gonna slip this here hehehehehehhehehehehe

anonymous asked:

i asked another artist this, but i want to see your interpertation, what do you think would happen if star ever tried ecstasy/LSD. i just wanna see what the power of magic and drugs would look like.

I had no idea how to answer this one but I tried lol.  

Basically I thought that Star basically abducts people from all different dimensions while changing everyone’s look to a cute chibi style. it’s not really crazy but I liked drawing this because I got to draw my favorite cartoons in one image XD.

I hope you like it!