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Crystal Tokyo Gala Gowns | All Senshi

. Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury . Sailor Mars . Sailor Jupiter . Sailor Venus .

. Sailor Neptune. Sailor Uranus . Sailor Saturn . Sailor Pluto . Sailor Chibi Moon.



Put together by Pannonator’s Pan-tastic Cosplays, Dresses from Sew Trendy Accessories.
So many talented people, so many beautiful faces, so little time.
Lots of people fighting the weather and still got some epic photos! Enjoy!

Models:Sailor Moon - The Pannonator’s Pan-tastic Cosplays
Sailor Mercury -Megsy
Sailor Mars - Tia
Sailor Jupiter- Alison
Sailor Venus - Genius Program (IG, twitter tumbler: @geniusprogram, amino: Gen)
Sailor Chibi Moon - Pastel-Colored Cosplay
Sailor Pluto - Garnet Runestar (Elrowiel)
Sailor Uranus - Unroyalty Cosplay
Sailor Neptune - Turtlebunnies Cosplay (Uranus/Neptune together Mutually Assured Construction)
Sailor Saturn - Limerence Mist (IG @limerencemist)
Luna - Momma Sammu Cosplay
Diana- Natalie
Sailor Star Fighter - DJtouhou Cosplay (IG @djtouhoucosplay)
Sailor Galaxia - Silver Fyre studio

Helpers: Rennagade Cosplay
Megsy, Sam, Momma Sammu, Birdy, Genius Program


Moon cosplay:  세일러문일카★ on twitter

Mercury cosplay:  아맛나 on twitter

Mars cosplay:  [결박 😷/메인문]반 ❄️끼럇 on twitter

Jupiter cosplay:  [메인문] on twitter

Venus cosplay:  ⛧메인문 예약중!⛧한제리 on twitter

Neptune cosplay:   [결박 😊/메인문海] on twitter

Uranus cosplay:  0618 🙈메인문!Miya(ӦvӦ。) on twitter

Pluto cosplay:  메인문 🌙진진 on twitter

Saturn cosplay :  [결박/메인문] on twitter

Chibiusa cosplay:  사랑받고있는 딸기님 on twitter

Helios cosplay:  🐟명Eㅐ♡□ㅔ인문오세요 🌙춘향뎐 on twitter

We’re so excited to announce that little Robbie will be joining us this year as Sailor Chibi Moon!! 💕🌙 Don’t worry though, our little Riley will also still be Chibi Moon! The kids will take turns on different days, so that it won’t be too much on them!! We will announce what days we will have Robbie with us and what days we will have Riley when we straighten out our schedules, so stay tuned for that!! ✨🌙 He is super excited to be a part of the team! After watching his mom, aunts, and sister dress up for two years, he finally came out and said, “Can I dress up too??” OF COURSE YOU CAN BUDDY!! #chibimooncosplay #sailormoon #sistersenshi #cosplay