chibi belarus

  • Chibi Ukraine: hmm... Russia and Belarus has been gone for quite some time now... I hope they're okay-
  • Chibi Russia: *carrying Belarus while crying* WAAAAAA!! Big sister! Big sister! There were so many countries that came and bullied us, I was scared!
  • Chibi Belarus: I wasn't.
  • Chibi Ukraine: what? Really? Where are they?
  • Chibi Russia: I-I think they're coming this way-
  • Chibi Prussia: KSESESESE! There you are crybaby-Russia! Prepare to fight!
  • Chibi Denmark: ha! You think you could escape us??
  • Chibi Sweden: hm.
  • Chibi Russia: waaaa!
  • Chibi Ukraine: ... hm~ Are you three the idiotic, shit-talking bullies that have been tormenting my cute little brother~? Why don't we all have a nice, small chat with this lovely big sister~?
  • Chibis Prussia, Denmark, Sweden: ... *screams*
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