chibi bat


OKAY I REALLY, really dont draw animals like EVER but this was a really cute ask SO I GAVE IT A TRY SLDKFJLDS i tried making jasper a giant golden crowned flying fox and pearl a gambian epauletted fruit bat

since i dont feel confident in my animal drawing skills here are some batty jaspearl chibs too lol


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Maria - Rouge (Batch 3)

Uploading the icons from the shipping chart!

Feel free to use them as you like on your blogs and stuff. You can shrink them if you want or use them as avatars at places. I’d appreciate if you didn’t edit them too much but I’m not going to throw a fit if you do. Credit is cool when able, but again, it wouldn’t be a huge deal- it’d mainly be so that other people can find the source. Please, please do NOT sell these or anything like that.

Links to each Batch-
Amy - Cream (Batch 1)
Cubot - Knuckles (Batch 2)
Maria - Rouge (Batch 3)
Sera - Storm (Batch 4)
Tails - Wave (Batch 5).


Fall-ready furries!!!!

Been really feelin fall vibes so I thought I’d design some new fall outfits for my 5 furry OCs! Mocha Brushtail the caracal, Fritti Nightleaper the ferret, Garth the bat, Cypress the hybrid gator-donkey, and Parquet the pangolin are ready to have fun in the cool temperatures!!

Well. Parquet really wants to bake pumpkin seeds, haha. :3c

News Flash! (Puns-) I’m still alive and I’m slowly getting back my creative groove back along with getting myself back together. 

So many scenes to draw in @uncpanda‘s latest Bat-Aunt chapter: 

and decided to try drawing Barry Allen being a (gentle)man ;3 


Livestream is over!Thank you all for coming to the livestream and watching me draw! I learned a lot and hope you guys did too. :D

(First and Third one requested by xxWolfbladeInfinityxx. Second by imnotanna. There’s another livestream drawing done as well but its a comic and isn’t finished yet. I’ll have it up later.)

Drew a chibified Ruby cause why not ^^

I’ve been doodleing to keep myself for going even more down the gutter and I’m starting to feel a bit better do I may start doing commissions again if anyone is interested :). Also this is the first time attempting a chibi so I hope it came out ok ^^;

Tho people may need to pm me as I know people have already asked but I forget who ^^;

People let me tell you about my best friend(s), He’s a warm hearted person who’ll love me till the end   💕 💕 💕 

I have a theory, if you give someone a piggyback ride then your best friends for life. (Kallus, you should have gone with Erza and you would be safe now ;v;)!!

Might be a sticker or at least a sticker for More to come.