chibi ask blogs

Alright Avatar chibi ask blogs, here we go!!


  • Dimensions should be 275x300 pixels on a white or transparent canvas (you can use the above animation as a template)
  • Each frame should be 150ms
  • Chibis can be walking/running/crab-walking/etc., so long as they appear to be moving in a forward motion
  • Please make sure your character is facing to the right so that nobody’s colliding
  • Add personality; make it fun!!!

When done, just reblog this post and add your animation~

The deadline will be a week and a half from now, on Wednesday the 18th, to allow everybody enough time to finish their animation. If anybody needs more time just say so. I don’t want anybody to be left out.

EDIT: New deadline is now Wednesday, July 25th

Any other questions?

Feel free to ask either Tiny Asami or I and we’ll be happy to help out~