chibi asami


Some pics of old Myu actresses going to see La Reconquista and Petite Etrangere :) both include Hisano Akamine (Mercury), Ayano Gunji (Chibi Moon) and Yuuka Asami (Neptune), and the first 2 have Emi Kuriyama (Jupiter) while the second 2 have Nao Inada (Venus).

@harshsaintcry here you go, the pictures of Ayano XD (oo that rhymed)

(Thank you LOK for all these wonderful years.

I’ll always be super grateful for everything you gave us and for the loving community you created. Thank you for giving me one of the best and most precious memories and I’ll always treasure you!

Oh, and thank you for that awesome Korrasami ending amIrighteveryone!!??

I love you and all your fans! Thank you so much for everything!