chibi asami

I was at a tiny little college anime con in Olympia Washington this weekend promoting my comic Modest Medusa. In between selling books and talking to anime fans I spent my time doing Asami sketches. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on Korra, but Asami is difficult for me. She’s just hard to draw!

Anyway, the con was a lot of fun. I was wearing the Korrasami shirt that I made last month, and people kept asking me about it. Where could they buy it? Did I get it at the con? Was I selling it at my booth? I wish I had brought some to sell! The best part of the evening was when we went to a sushi place after the con and the waitress got excited about the shirt and talked about her favorite Avatar pairings for 15 minutes. It was cool. The sushi was good too.

Here’s the shirt, in case you want one of your own. LINK, LINK, LINK.