I started doing chibis of the children from my Birthright file, but it’s taking longer than I thought OTL So here’s the first four ones! Their Moms are Felicia, Kagero, Hana and Azura. 

They’re transparent and free to use if you want to!

Super pro commission infos!

3 slots left

That’s right, I am opening single character commission again. Regular commissions with more characters will be available after galacon! Follow the few rules under :

-I will open slots 5 by 5. If all slots are taken, please be patient. I will update this post everytime a slot will be taken.

-Send me a message in ask, note or tumblr instant messages if you are interested.

-For payment, I send an invoice once the sketch is done. Meaning I will need your email adress!

-No background or simple colored one.

-I reserve myself the right to refuse drawing your commission regardless of the reason.

-No nsfw, guro or any kind of sensitive subject. I am here to draw cuties.