• Weiss:I'll show those three that I can pull off a successful prank! One that won't end up with one of them in the infirmary with a concussion. I only need to think of an idea...?
  • *Weiss eyes a bottle of Yang's shampoo in the bathroom and smirks as an idea comes to her.*
  • Weiss:Perfect!
  • *A few days later and a piercing scream sounds throughout Vale causing Grimm to look around in alarm*
  • Ruby:Yang!? Is everything alright? Are you hurt? I'm coming in the bathroom!
  • *Ruby and Blake, with Weiss walking slowly behind, enter the bathroom to see Yang with green hair*
  • Blake:Greek fire! What happened to your hair?!
  • Yang:I-I...I-....
  • *Yang promptly passes out and hits her head on the sink*
  • Ruby:Weiss, go get the medics! She could have a concussion!
  • Weiss:Why does this keep happening?

Okay, this didn’t really go as planned. I wanted to do episodes 3-11 but I got done with the fist page in like half an hour, took a break, and then was suddenly incapable of writing a single decent sentence for four days and now I’m just saying fuck it. Also, just saying, I do not share Eris’ views on RWBY Chibi, or Ana’s for that matter. It’s satire don’t kill me. I’m planning on doing the Little red riding hood one as its own article then we’ll see what happens.

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