To all those people being convinced to stop at the end of the Dark Signer arc in 5Ds - if you do that, you miss Crashtown. With Kiryu.

And Jack being shoved out of several different jobs.

And Jack following Carly on one of her stories. Twice.

Imposter Jack.

Team Ragnarok.

Character chibies when they’re playing the duel games.

You miss a lot, okay.

So I don’t like how the writers dealt with the second part of the series after the DS arc either. That’s okay, they did a crap job. But there’s plenty that happened that you still need to see, because it’s classic.


What I Wished Happened in the Anime #6

In the corresponding chapters from the manga, it was not until later that Ragnarok shrunk, and the explanation was that Lord Death confiscated his souls (as he did to Soul when he failed to capture a witch’s soul).

But if that is the case, why would Maka’s anti-madness wavelength chibify Ragnarok?  Wouldn’t that mean that Maka’s wavelength _destroyed_ those souls?

..Well, gee, that’s sad.