shinee world 2017 (hiroshima, day i) ♡ 170422
translation: vousmevoyez

during the lightstick question and answer segment: jonghyun asked who in the audience had the head massager like him. he guessed five. a note that “red” is referring to the color that they decided to change the lightstick to when responding.

■ onew: because i want it too, so … (red)
■ taemin: because jonghyun-ssi’s stuff is mine, so. (red)
■ minho: because jonghyun-ssi’s stuff belongs to five people, so. (red)
■ jonghyun: are you guys pestering me again? key-ssi, then?
■ key: me, i’ll buy it myself.
■ jonghyun: as expected: key-ssi is rich!


this is my first ever mc76 piece. People who know me know my regular ships but quite some time ago the idea of Jesse crushing hard on Jack infiltrated my mind. n it is just STUCK there :’D

I really dunno why this intruiges me so much, it’s hard to explain. but I just LOVE the idea of a younger McCree (or in this case already bw!mccree) crushing on the golden boy Jack~ It just seems so sweet to me! especially since probably everyone n their mother knows about this. Genji knows it cause they’re roomies n he hears Jesse mumble in his sleep all the time. Gabe knows it cause he knows his team n the way Jesse gets all o//v//o when Jack is around them. Ana knows it cause she has freaking eyes lol  etc etc etc  Jack knows it too n he thinks it’s freaking adorable ~ :’3  

let Jesse dream for a bit guy, let him dream. (aka, yes, the pic above is a dream sequence from Jesse in case this wasn’t clear)

170422 `ㅂ´ SHINee World 2017 in Hiroshima Day 1

Shinee also wanted Jjong’s head massager, Taemin said what’s Jonghyun’s is his, Minho said what’s Jonghyun’s belongs to the five of them. They did this because during the lightstick Q&A Jjong asked who in the audience has the head massager like his (he guessed 5)
O: because i want it too so (red)
T: because jonghyun-ssi’s stuff is mine so (red)
M: bc jonghyun-ssi’s stuff belongs to five people so (red)
J: are you guys pestering me again?
- key-ssi then?
K: me, i’ll buy it myself
J: as expected key-ssi is rich!!!
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