• Japan:I've just received a text from Germany-san. He said that we're having a mandatory meeting in his house today.
  • South Korea:wait, now?? At seven in the morning??
  • Hong Kong:well, everyone's awake, like, what's the problem?
  • Taiwan:um, not everyone... 'The Beast' is still asleep...
  • Japan:... I will text Germany-san that China-san will not be attending today's meeting because we fear for our lives...

Colored the “honeymoon in space” sketch from the sheith-fanboy!zarkon pic I drew a week ago.

It’s crazy how I got into this fandom just this month and I’m honored and overwhelmed with all the support and nice comments on my art aaaah (っ;//A//;) A big thank you to everyone trying to keep the fandom positive and spreading love and support toward one another. You guys are cool as space rocks and I hope you have a lovely day<3  (ノ •́ω•̀ ) ノ ミ☆


Pangong Tso Lake, India/China

All my Mark and Jack AUs, plus a random Pastel and Punk mix.

In Order;
Shy Jock Jack and Outgoing Nerd Mark
Robot Mark and Scientist Jack
(Co-owned with @gay-spaghetti)
Wolf Mark and Bunny Jack
Mark and Deaf Jack
(Co-owned with @gay-spaghetti)
Zombie Apocalypse Septiplier
(Co-owned with @gay-spaghetti)
Septiplier Gem Fusion