• Penny: Hello friends! I wish to proposition you all to a new form of gathering I have just recently heard of from some of the guards!
  • Jaune: Uh, that's fine we-
  • Ruby: Would love to!
  • All: (glare at Ruby)
  • Ruby: (whispering) She can crush our hands with her forefingers, don't test her!
  • Yang: Er, so what kind of... Gathering?
  • Penny: I believe it was called an orgy! Though I am not privy to what that means yet! I cannot wait to discover it with you all!
  • All: (Shocked silence)
  • Jaune: Fuck it, I'm down.
  • Ruby: Same.
  • Pyrrha: I'll do it if Jaune is!
  • Nora: I've always wanted to have sex with a washing machine!
  • Yang: The more the merrier, right?
  • Weiss: Well, you know the saying...
  • Blake: If you can't beat em...
  • Ren: Christ Almighty, you're all pathetic.

|| ‘Can I have a kiss, 2B?’

I ship them to hell and back, even though I went through ending C screaming my head off and shaking the screen and things are literally going downhill like mad…

I still ship them.

I also have a very soft spot for people with white hair, elegant monochromatic/gothic clothes, who are confused of their own feelings.

VERY soft spot.