My name is Laurel Adams. When I was seven I had an imaginary enemy. Seven days ago was the night before I started playing a game that would end the world. My imaginary enemy came back and linked me eight hundred pages of Avatar smut.

A bit of Tumblrstuck for y'all. tumblr user Chibbles and I in a short crossover into Bana’s tumblrstuck AU

this was way fun, and I put a lot of effort into it (with editing help from Chibbles!) so give it a look! I think it came out good.

if you’re offended by Chibbles’ speech, you should probably never meet her in real life. Or do. It would be fun for the rest of us.

{ Going to be a one-shot trauma fluff. I’m sorry for any feels! Dmitriy didn’t mean to! }

Dmitriy yawned, pinching the bridge of nose as he covered his metal maw with his hand. It had been a long day - only cut short when Chibbles showed up at the hospital and began tagging along. He gently patted the pocket where the pint-sized aurin had curled up to sleep hours ago. A soft responsive squeak acknowledged that the aurin was still there.

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