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How some SM characters would react to SM fanfiction

Usagi (Usagi x Mamoru):

Setsuna and Mamoru (Sailor Pluto x King Endymion):

Makoto and Usagi (Makoto x Motoki):

Seiya (Usagi x Seiya):

Rei (Rei x Jadeite):

Makoto and Ami (Makoto x Ami):

Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako (Usagi x Seiya):

Rei (Rei x Minako):

Chibiusa (Chibiusa x Hotaru):

Makoto (Makoto x Nephrite):

Mamoru (Usagi x Seiya):

Haruka and Michiru (Haruka x Michiru):

Rei and Minako (Makoto x Ami):

Haruka (Haruka x Seiya):

Minako (Rei x Minako):

Minako (Haruka x Michiru):

In Defence of Seiya

So, one, because I’m currently writing him, and two, because he’s one of my most favorite characters, I wanna break a lance for Seiya, today. You’re still allowed to hate him afterwards, obviously, but maybe just hear me out, ok?

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with one of my dearest friends, a die-hard UsaMamo shipper just like me, but, other than me, the beauty of the Seiya x Usa BROTP still alludes her, and Seiya has a bit of a bad rep for her, but she gracefully allowed me to sum up our conversation, here. So, there you go!

(Also, I’ll be referencing to Seiya as a “he”, here. This is Stars arc, 90s anime, we’re talking about, and there he’s, at least to me, quite obviously portrayed as a guy, in his civilian form.)

Seiya was an ass for impersonating Mamoru toward the end. It deliberately hurt her, even when he KNEW how much she was hurting. Yet he still did that, and then even gave her that inappropriate “am I not good enough” line, after she broke down.

So, the scene meant here is this one, of course.

And I think it’s important to keep in mind that Seiya had no chance knowing that he was inadvertently impersonating the guy that Usagi misses so much.

He’d just, upon remembering their good times, made peace with her and the situation, was about to say goodbye for good, as he saw Usagi’s desk (with that adorably cute Mamo-chan doodle on it) and placed the rose, which is always in his performing outfit, on it as a goodbye token, when he was interrupted by Rei who was in frantic search of Usagi.

So, he came up, saving her by distracting the enemy, and just threw the damn thing he just so happened to hold in his hand.

He had no way of knowing what that image would do to Usagi. He’d never heard of Tuxedo Mask. Or that he threw roses. He was just the guy to the rescue, coincidently happening to have a rose at hand. He wouldn’t know to do this on purpose.

And yes, he says that line, but he’s breaking down with her, as he does. But it’s not a “take me”, it’s not a self-serving opportunity he sees to cut in and steal the girl…. Remember this is JUST after he’s sighed and smiled and been thankful for the time he did have in her vicinity. It’s more a … you’re hurting so much, I feel your pain so much, god I wish I could take that pain away from you, and damn if it were me I’d never do this to you, you’d never be in this much pain because of me, I promise I would never do that to you, I don’t treat you like that, I don’t want you to hurt, why can’t it be me, all I want to do is make you feel better, why can’t it be me?

He loves her, in the selfless way that he wants what’s best for her, and he’s not allowed to give it to her, and it’s frustrating!

Seiya was an ass for telling Mamoru he needs to protect Usagi at the very end of Ep. 200. Like, he really needs to be told that?

So, again, Seiya doesn’t know the guy. He knows nothing but that he was now apparently not so bad as he thought, and instead dead all year, and now appearing in some sort of armor, as he was revived. Personally, I never understood it as a way of Seiya telling Mamoru off, but instead it was stepping back, acknowledging that it was Mamoru’s place to protect her, be by her side, and not his. I understand it as a message solely intended for Mamoru; I’m not in your way, I know she’s yours, but damn take care of her cause she’s worth it.

(Excluding the part where I really don’t like it when men talk over women’s heads over their protection, especially when we’re talking about the girl who JUST saved all of the friggin’ universe, but ah well…)

I still feel like Seiya should have respected the boundary line that was implied by Usagi’s relationship.

The way I see it, to him, Usagi was in somewhat of an abusive relationship, albeit emotionally. She was in a relationship with a guy that upped and went and left her hanging without a word, so much that she skidded into depression. Personally, I myself would be MAD at my friends if they saw me in one and didn’t at least try to act like he’s maybe not the best choice in the world.

And as someone who’s in love with her, who adores the ground she walks on, only wants what’s best for her (which in the end, is what love is) I wouldn’t want her to be in a relationship like that, REGARDLESS of if she’ll be with me afterwards, then, or not,

and, like, this was his view, and still he really didn’t try anything (at least in the 90s anime version, but Manga!Seiya and 90sAnime!Seiya are so different, with different motivations, different feelings, different genders, I really don’t compare the two at all.)

Remember this is the story/show where Usagi gets kissed by people left and center, without her consent? In the anime, he wasn’t one of those. He picked her up on a friendly date, they had chemistry, and he kissed her on the cheek as a goodbye. These are all things you’d do with your friends, his only fault here was that he happened to be in love with her at the time, at least the way I see it.

Shouldn’t Seiya have asked about Mamoru, then? At least try to find something out about the guy?

well, for one…would you have? I wouldn’t want to hear the praises of a guy you know has left her without saying anything. Also, I mean… He’s not in her life. She’s depressed. And he’s mad at him for treating her that way, he even says it out loud to his photo; He doesn’t say “Ugh I hate that you exist” he says “I don’t like the game you’re playing with her” - I don’t like the way you treat her. He’s legit MAD at Mamoru for doing this to her.

This is an amazingly protective, friendly gesture, if it were true. This is how I would want all of my friends to react if it happened to me, and if it were actually the case – and Seiya has no way to think otherwise. It wasn’t, of course, but he had no way of knowing that. In fact, if he had dug further, asked about him, he’d have found out Mamoru has NEVER ONCE written back and his standpoint would have only gotten clearer. And if he’d dug even further, the story he’d have gotten wouldn’t have helped Mamoru’s case in this instance, either.

No matter the praises Usagi would have sung… I mean… what would have come out? He’s my lover from a past life, we have a miracle romance, then he was brainwashed and turned evil and almost killed me, before I killed him, instead, and then our future daughter turned up, and he left me because of dreams, and I cried myself to sleep, and then later he was kidnapped again, and right when I had him back he left me for America and now he’s never written back… It doesn’t SOUND so good.

Seiya wouldn’t have learned anything that he wouldn’t have interpreted in that exact way that he did.

But, then, the moment he realizes he was wrong, that Mamoru was dead, actually, his heart breaks for her. How could Galaxia have done this to her?

And then the only thing he does is try and make sure Mamoru treats her right, tell him to. He steps away without any fight whatsoever. Seiya loved Usagi. He loved her despite the fact that he had no chance. Just because she didn’t love him back, and was in a relationship with someone else, doesn’t make him a bad guy. In fact, I think he was an incredibly decent guy.

So many people lash out when they are in an unrequited love. It’s an incredible sort of heartbreak, and it’s understandable that so many do, but it’s also pretty harsh. The people they adored get devalued and degraded to bitches and asshole who are fools for not wanting them, get faulted for making them fall in love in the first place, and get left behind so the person can go and heal and forget. And, sometimes, the other party isn’t so innocent, either (which obviously isn’t the case, here), but even without that it’s really hard to just take yourself and your hurt back, and simply adore that person, while staying in their lives, no gain whatsoever.

Seiya does that. He adores her. He doesn’t blame her once, only wishes it were different. He takes himself back, and simply becomes the awesome friend that she really needs in that depressing time. And that is pretty damn selfless.

I mean, he didn’t choose this. He didn’t decide, oh, I’m gonna fall in love with this ditzy girl who has someone else; it just happened to him, and he dealt with it in a pretty heartbreaking way.

I mean… he repeatedly risked his life for her, this girl who will never be his.

And I understand that. I mean… I adore that girl, too. We all do, right?

When Seiya told Mamo to protect Usagi….

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Mamo’s look

“ Bitch I have taken hits, got stabbed, got kidnapped, and got killed too many damn times trying to protect Usagi so I know what the fuck to do. Shit I even broke up with and told her I didn’t love her so I can protect her from dreams that was sent by my future self.My fucking name literally means “protector”. I have done this for almost two damn lifetimes so take your wannabe ponytail ass somewhere. I got this.” 



Seiya and Mamoru

Okay, but Mamoru giving Seiya pointers related to dating Usagi would be a great way for them to bond (besides buying terrible outfits together) and get more comfortable with each other and with sharing Usagi. He does this because Seiya, while still having spent a good deal of time with Usagi, has a few years of catching up to do with the rest of Usagi’s partners.

Examples of these pointers include:

-Never- NEVER- forget her birthday. It’s on June 30th.

-However much money you think is reasonable for a day out, triple it.

-Do not wear a green blazer. She will never cease to roast you for it when she thinks you can’t hear, and sometimes to your face.

-She has 0 qualms about pda. She also does not like strangers hitting on you. The two have been linked on occasion.

-Ice cream is always a good option.

-You should eat her food and smile. It’s important to encourage her as she is always improving. Also, she’s actually really good at making curry. But otherwise, if you feel ill afterwards, take a Tums, or see Ami, she can help.

-If she gets poor marks on a test you have to be the strong one and postpone a date so she can study for the next one.

-She will try to hold everyone’s hand if we go out in a group. She can’t, and this makes her sad. Good solutions are forming a wall of hand-holding people, or periodically giving up her hand so she can interact with her other partners.

-Do not wake her early unless it’s an emergency. She will withhold kisses for a full day.

-She will not reject being spoiled in the form of clothing, accessories, comics, plushies, or food, but she will not accept financial gifts.

-She hates carrots.

-She needs to be reminded to brush her teeth.

-Flowers are a great way to cheer her up, especially roses.

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Honestly I don’t undestand some people in this fandom sometimes.

They don’t like (hate) that Seiya flirts a bit with Usagi

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making jokes like:

Seiya: “Do you want to break-up with me?”
Usagi: “I’m not dating you!”

and teasing her like

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and being “pushy”.

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But how could he/she? Usagi said several times that she has a boyfriend!!! A boyfriend who is on the other end of the world and doesn’t answer her letters since the day he departed. Yeah, shame on you Seiya how could you care so much! Your impression is that Mamoru just left and forget Usagi (which is totally comprehensible when you look at the situation from the outside).

“Don’t make her so sad.” He/she doesn’t force Usagi to anything and was there for her even as he/she know Usagi doesn’t love her back, Seiya would die for Usagi.

The same goes for Haruka.

She flirts/teases

and she is confusing her (the kiss in the Manga).

Usagi chased Haruka. Haruka didn’t expect Usagi to catch up. She told Usagi that fighting each other would be dangerous and kissed her. In Usagi’s confusion she finally could escaped. Haruka simply didn’t want to fight.

But again HOW COULD SHE? She is in a relationship with Michiru!!! They trust each other so much that whenever Michiru or Haruka flirts with someone they don’t mind.  

What most people seem to ignore is that:

Usagi running after Motoki,

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Tuxedo Mask

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and Haruka literally (along with Minako).

and that is okay, huh? She has two crushes at the same time (Motoki and Tuxedo Mask) and stalking Haruka together with Minako altough she has a boyfriend. Usagi never thought this whole time about Mamoru until Minako reminded her that she has a boyfriend and can go.

But Usagi is “curous about the handsome guy” and stays. Minako asks Michiru if she’s Haruka’s lover which she denied. Both Minako and Usagi are very happy. And Usagi has to be reminded of Mamoru AGAIN.

No, nobody is perfect. And that’s okay. But what’s most important:

Sailor Moon is only fictive. The characters are not real neither is the story. So please, calm down and don’t take everything as if it would happen to you personal. Thank you in advance!

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