chiaspet asked:

Oh yeah back in 94 to 97 I was building custom car audio in Pennsylvania and the biggest system that I think I ever did was in my buddies minivan me and him split it we had 8 18 inch MA Audio and we were running just about 22,000 watts

thats awesome to hear to man!, glad to see you’re into the sport heavily. i just picked up an Autotek SS 400.4 & a Zapco Reference 750.2 right around the 90ishg in age. :D

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Its a Kenwood 2500 watt amp that I got with a subwoofer both of them were brand new in the box from 1996 Neither were ever hooked up ever and it does dumb I just need a different box so I can make a better hit

oh man that a whole different amp than i thought!, thats a good amp, definitely ignore my suggestion on an amp, and get a solid ported enclosure designed and built, have you done the big 4 and stuff to your vehicle yet?

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I have a cove 15 inch Armageddon Comp series sub and a Kenwood 2500 watt I am running it any recommendations for what other kind of box I could use cuz I have a ported box and I need a new box

that is a great subwoofer to have, i’d personally have a box designer deisng a enlocsure to meet your needs of output. and i would recommend getting another amp. kenwood isnt as great as they used to be. (IMO) and my recommendation is a well designed ported box will put in work. -tito