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Can you please do fluffy solangelo first date and they have there first kiss

and a million years later….I’m back. So a pretty long fic for you :) Hope you enjoy!

Nico didn’t know what he was thinking when he agreed to go out with Will.

Not because they were both guys. Nico had gotten fairly used to the concept of homosexuality, what with Austin making inappropriate (and a bit too graphic, in Nico’s opinion) comments about who he had a chance to hook up with at camp. Though he nearly had a stroke when Will told him what hooking up meant.

Four months at camp, actually socializing, had brought him up to date with the growing acceptance towards different sexualities. Acceptance at camp was even better, and Nico would always be grateful for that.

But going out on a date with Will Solace? That was less of a sexuality crisis and more of an irrational bundle of nervousness. Because, Hades, Nico had a huge crush on Will. And however much he prayed to all the gods that things would work out, he couldn’t help but think that his fate was worse than even Percy Jackson’s.

But he still found himself waiting for Will at the docks. Though he needed several minutes of calming down from Jason, and some motivation from Piper’s charmspeak. It was kind of embarrassing really. Nico really needed to maintain some of his dignity.

“Hey, Death Boy!”

The familiar voice made Nico jump out of his growingly insane feelings of self-doubt.

“Don’t call me that, Solace,” Nico turned back and craned his neck up to look at Will. “You’re late.”

The son of Apollo had finally changed out of his scrubs into a faded camp shirt and a worn pair of shorts which looked even older than Nico. He looked even more disheveled than usual, with his rumpled hair and ancient clothes and bright blue flip flops. It sent Nico’s heart into a beating frenzy. It was almost annoying.

Will huffed and settled down comfortably next to Nico, leaning into him. “I had to choose between flip flops and sneakers. It was a horribly difficult decision. But then I realised we were meeting near a water body, so flip flops, duh.”

Nico was suddenly very well aware of Will’s hand resting close to his hip, causing goosebumps to run up his arm at the heat of the closeness. “Glad to know you’re making life changing decisions again.”

Seriously, if Will came any more near him, Nico would probably burn up.

Will nudged him with his shoulder. “Glad to know your sarcasm isn’t dead yet.”

Nico let out a huff of laughter and turned his gaze back to the lake. “So.”


They sat uncomfortably, Nico twiddling his thumbs while he waited for Will to say something. This was not natural. He suddenly felt really awkward.

Clearing his throat, he asked the first question he could think of. “What do people usually do on dates?”

Wow di Angelo, Nico groaned internally, great question.

“Uh,” Will furrowed his eyebrows, looking thoughtfully across the water. “I’m no expert. But, um, talk? Just do whatever, I guess?”

“Like sitting really close to your date?” Nico smirked and looked pointedly at where their shoulders were touching.

“What?” Will looked confusedly at Nico and then followed Nico’s gaze. Blushing furiously, he took his arm back - Nico wasn’t sure whether to relieved or annoyed - and jumped aside, creating an unfortunate space between them. “Sorry, sorry! I should have asked! Gods, I’m such an idiot. I’m really, really-”

Nico’s heart skipped a beat as he watched Will’s face grow redder, his motioning becoming akin to flailing. Hades, Will was adorable.

“Will, stop,” Nico laughed, grabbing Will’s wrist mid-air, “I was joking.

Will stared at him wide-eyed, and then at Nico’s hand on his wrist.

“Oh.” An unsure smile made his way across Will’s face and Nico thanked every god in Olympus that no one could hear the squealing currently ringing in his brain.

Will rolled his eyes. “Don’t say that then! I was actually enjoying the proximity!”

Now it was Nico’s turn to roll his eyes. “You’re an idiot, you know that?”

“You never fail to remind me.”

“Just come over here, Solace.” Nico pulled Will towards him. Will obliged and threw an arm over Nico’s shoulder, grinning cheekily.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Watching you get all worked up? Of course!”

Nico smiled and shook his head exasperatedly. It was still weird to him. The idea that someone was bantering with him, teasing him, touching him, and even more confusing - that Nico was completely fine with it. He exhaled slowly and leaned in to rest his head on Will’s shoulder. It was instinctive. It felt natural. Suddenly he wasn’t so worried about the whole idea of dating.

Will sighed next to him, resting his cheek against Nico’s unruly hair and they both fell into a comfortable silence. This was okay, Nico thought, he could do this.

“You didn’t come by the infirmary today.”

Nico shifted closer to Will. “Yeah, I had archery practice with Chiara and Damien.”

Will let out a huff of laughter, his breath tickling Nico’s skin. “Chiara must have pulverised you two.”

Nico rolled his eyes and lifted his head to elbow Will playfully. “Your faith in me is flattering.”

Will shrugged and grinned. “I’m just glad no one got hurt.”

“You’re lucky. Because Damien looked ready to kill someone.”

Will hummed. “Doesn’t he always? I’m hoping you were the one who stopped him from doing anything stupid.”

“And miss the drama? Please. I enjoyed it. Both of them were bickering and Chiara said some nasty things in Italian. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, there was no bloodshed.”

Will snorted and stared at him amusedly. “You’re a monster.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Nico rolled his eyes. Pulling at his shirt collar irritably, he squinted at the evening sun. “Why’s it so hot? Your dad needs to calm down.”

Will raised an eyebrow at him. “Looks like you need some cooling down.”

And then Will pushed Nico into the lake.

Flailing and spurting water from his mouth, Nico broke to the surface, his icy wet clothes sticking to him uncomfortably, and conjured up the worst glare he could. “What the fuck, Solace?”

Will was sitting on his haunches, grinning smugly. “Feeling better, Death Boy?”

Nico glared as hard as he could, pushing wet strands of hair away from his eyes. “You really don’t know what’s good for you.”

He reached out and grabbed Will’s arm and pulled as hard as he could, watching that smug smile morph into panic as Will hit the water with a loud splash. Nico howled with laughter as Will gasped, his thick blonde curls now sticking onto his face, covering his eyes.

“G-gods of Olympus,” Will stammered, his blue eyes widening comically. “I-it’s so c-cold.”

Nico raised an eyebrow. “You should have thought of that before pushing me.”

Still shivering, Will narrowed his eyes at him. “Ooh, you are so dead, di Angelo.”

He pushed forward and splashed water on a still laughing Nico, sending him back, spluttering. Gasping, he wiped the water off his face, staring incredulously at a smirking Will. A slow smile grew on Nico’s face as he slowly made his way towards Will.

“Oh, it’s on, William.” And he dunked Will’s head under the water.

Nico lost track of time after that. There was splashing and jumping and lots and lots of swearing, and Nico had never felt more alive. Will was leaning against the slimy wood of the dock, trying to catch his breath, Nico right beside him. Still laughing softly, Nico looked at the boy next to him and he couldn’t help the surge he felt in his heart.

It wasn’t about Will’s beauty. That was never important to Nico. It was the fact that the boy next to him, the bright and happy son of Apollo, was with him, was there for him, making him happy, making him laugh, easing a feeling out of Nico that he’d missed so much in the last four years. He watched as Will brushed his hair out of his face, leaning his head against the wooden pillar with his eyes closed. Nico fought the urge to draw his fingers down that serene face, tracing those features, memorising them till he had that feeling traced into his hand.

Instead, he splashed water on Will’s face, effectively shaking him out of his trance.

“You aren’t sleeping out on me, are you?”

Will smiled and stretched out his limbs. “Don’t worry, Death Boy. You’re not that boring.”

He squinted at Nico, probably assessing his health, the dork. “But we should get out or we’ll catch a cold.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “You and your health crazy brain.”

But he still turned around and pushed himself onto the dock. Will pulled up next to him, water spilling from his clothes as he did. Shaking out the cramps in his limbs, Nico sat next to Will, his legs outstretched in front of him.

“Well, that was fun!” Will beamed at Nico, trying to wring the water out of shirt.

Nico smiled and gazed out at the setting sun. “Yeah, I guess.”

Will snorted and shoved his shoulder lightly. “You’re allowed to have fun, Neeks. No need to keep it all inside.”

Nico’s smile faltered a little. He turned his head and looked Will in the eye. “I’m not. Keeping it all inside. I’m really happy, Will. Thank you.”

Will smiled back at him and moved his hand over Nico’s squeezing slightly. “What are friends for?”

Nico’s lips quirked up at that. “Friends?”

“Uh,” Will blushed and looked away from Nico hurriedly. “Boyfriends, then?”

Nico squeezed Will’s hand back. “Sounds good to me.”

A smile slowly grew on Will’s lowered face, the blush on his cheeks spreading to his neck. He looked up at Nico shyly, the unusual expression on Will’s face sending a thrill through Nico.

“Please don’t kill me,” he whispered and leaned forward to press a kiss to Nico’s cheek. Suddenly, Nico’s face was aflame, the skin on his cheek burning under soft lips. But just as quickly, Will was pulling away, pointedly avoiding Nico’s gaze.

“That wasn’t much of a kiss, Solace,” Nico gulped, moving closer so their thighs were touching. Will turned towards him wide-eyed, his blue eyes flitting from Nico’s eyes to his mouth. Nico gulped again and reached out to the crook of Will’s neck and pulled him towards him.

Thinking back on it, the kiss had been terrible. They were both awkward, their noses crashed together painfully, Nico’s elbow was pressing into Will’s ribs and their mouths were a fumbling mess. But it had been perfect. Will’s drying curls tickled Nico’s cheek, a stray drop dripped onto Nico’s face, his fingers played at the collar of Nico’s shirt and it was electrifying.

But too soon, it was over and Will was pulling back to rest his forehead against Nico’s. Nico’s eyes were still closed, his brain still trying to process the emotions exploding in his mind. He slowly opened them and met with Will’s intense gaze staring at him. In awe, Nico realised. Will was staring at him the same way he probably was right then. Awe.

Will pulled back hesitantly and licked his lips. “That was…” He cleared his throat.

“Amazing,” Nico agreed, his voice barely a whisper.

Will nodded next to him and moved to rest his head on Nico’s shoulder. Instinctively, Nico’s hand reached up to his hair, tangling and weaving through the wet locks. They sat there in silence, watching the sky become darker. Nico didn’t mind that they’re clothes were wet and that the wooden planks were suddenly too hard or that the air was getting chillier. Everything was beautiful.

Finally, Nico cleared his throat. “We should go. It’s almost time for dinner.”

“Wait!” Will placed a hand on Nico’s leg. “Watch the sunset with me?”

Smiling, Nico nodded and let Will wrap an arm around his waist. And Nico had never felt happier.

I’m going to work with Tibetan refugees for a month this Diwali :)