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Headcanons for Nico’s interactions with other campers before/during ToA:

  • So after the school year starts and pretty much everyone Nico hangs out with is gone for the most part, Nico by default sends most his time around Will.
    • Eventually Will is like “go make more friends”. 
  • Cecil spent weeks convincing Nico to help him with a prank because Nico is stealthy af. Nico had more fun pulling the prank than he’ll ever openly admit. 
  • After semi-regular spars, rivalry in capture the flag, and teaming up to save another camper from a random monster attack Nico and Sherman Yang are frenemies. 
    • Will somewhat regrets encouraging Nico to get along with Sherman because it always ends with one or both of them in the infirmary. 
  • Whenever Chiara starts ranting and cussing in Italian, Nico always makes snide comments back in Italian. They also trash talk each other in Italian before/during any camp games. 
    • Nico and Chiara once got into a stupid argument over something trivial. But no one knew that because they both reverted to Italian so all anyone could tell was that they were angry and gesturing wildly. 
    • Everyone was O_O 
  • Malcolm and Nico occasionally nerd out over Mythomagic strategy games.
  • One time Nico accidentally killed some plants around Demeter Cabin. He took a trip to the Underworld to ask Persephone to replace the plants. Miranda and Billy were impressed he’d go so far as to ask a goddess for a favor just to apologize. 
    • After that Demeter Cabin is quick to stick up for Nico if anyone starts being a jerk about his parentage or powers.
  • Austin was actually really intimidated by Nico at first but did his best not to show it because Will is just so happy when Nico is around. Slowly he warmed up to Nico (and vice versa), though Nico’s powers still creep him out.  
  • About once a month someone has to leave camp to stock up on supplies for the infirmary. Will is typically the one to go. Clarisse used to go with him but Nico took over that role when she left for college. (Will and Nico definitely use the trip as an excuse to go on dates.)
    • However, one time someone got hurt pretty bad right before they were supposed to leave so Will had to take care of that. Kayla ended up taking his place on the supply run.  
    • It was awkward at first because Nico and Kayla had never really interacted before without Will as a buffer.
    • Then some middle age creep starts hitting on Kayla. She’s just like WTF because spending the majority of the year in camp might prepare you to fight monsters but it doesn’t help you know how to deal with creepy old dudes. (Plus her bow and quiver were in the car.) 
    • Then the creep suddenly turned heel and practically ran away. Because Nico was glaring at him.
    • Kayla considers Nico her honorary big brother after that.      


“We only have one life, but we can  choose  what  kind  of  story  it’s going to be.”

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can you maybe write a fic where Nico gets turned into a kid somehow? but then he's really confused and stuff because he still thinks he's in a time of war with his mother and sister or something, and Will kinda has to try and deal with that? thanks!

All Italian is the product of Google Translate

“Will?” Will never thought he would be so entirely grateful to hear Chiara ‘s voice. She sounded mildly annoyed, but Will knew she had caught her when she was in one of her better moods. He wondered of Damien was far behind. Judging by the lack of bickering, Will would have to guess that she came alone. For now. The little figure hiding behind Will’s leg peaked out at what was probably a very familiar sounding accent to him. Will looked down at the little boy and smiled. “Chiara is coming to help,” Will said softly. He kneeled down next to the little boy, who was practically shaking. “She can understand you,” Will added. Not that he could understand Will.

Nico had some kind of bad luck, because he managed to find himself attempting to break up a fight between Lou Ellen and a daughter of Aphrodite while Will was busy in the infirmary. It had ben escalating to something physical, and with Will out of the question, Nico had been called in to try and stop the fight. Somehow, Nico managed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and fell victim to one of Lou Ellen’s spells. Where an eighteen year old Nico had been, was a four year old toddler version of Nico. Will had been called in by that point, as Nico’s boyfriend, but they were all a little surprised to find that a toddler Nico was one that couldn’t speak English. Will had asked for Chiara then and tried to keep little Nico from crying and running away.

“Momma?” Nico’s scared little voice broke Will’s heart. “Bianca? Dove ti nascondi?”

“Will, where are you-” Chiara’s annoyed voice halted when she found Will and Nico. “Oh,” she said quietly. Nico hid behind Will rather quickly while Will turned to look at the daughter of Tyche.

“Yeah, he’s been calling for his mom and his sister ever since I got to him. I don’t know how to tell him that they’re not here. I think he also might think he’s in the war still too. He jumps at every single noise and won’t go outside.” Will had carried Nico into the Hades cabin for some privacy and so Nico didn’t get overwhelmed by people, but when he had tried to take Nico outside again Nico had cried and ran as far away from the door as he possibly could. “He can’t understand me,” Will explained. “I was hoping you could help calm him down and let him know that he’s not going to be hurt.”

Chiara pursed her lips and looked at Nico for a few long moments before he nodded. She sat down on the floor next to Nico and started speaking rapidly in Italian. Will caught her name and Nico’s name a few times, and was even surprised when he heard her say his own name. The longer she talked though, the more Nico seemed to calm down. For someone who always liked to pick fights with Damien, Chiara was surprisingly gentle and patient with little Nico.

Will was content to be something of an outsider to their conversation, and he excused himself without either one noticing when someone knocked on the door to the cabin. Will was pleased to find Lou Ellen on the other side of the door. He assumed she came with some kind of spell or potion to make things right with Nico, but when he saw the look on her face his stomach twisted.

“Lou?” He asked quietly. Lou Ellen shook her head.

“We can’t find a way to reverse this, Will.”

this is not great but i havent written anything in forever, so this is more of a warm up? sort of? to help get back into writing

okay okay IMAGINE THIS: Chiara Benvenuti arrived at camp only about two months after the war against Gaia and when she first came she was really nervous and scared and her english was rough but she really wanted help. So she goes to nico for help from time to time because at least he would understand her without her having to struggle to get her message across because she just asks him in italian.

Once, she asks him something in public and nico replies in italian and everYONE GETS WHIPLASH FROM TURNING AROUND SO FAST

“Nico? You speak italian?????”
*Nico wishes someone would just turn him into a sunflower again*

That moment when I’m tired bc I was drawing for a few hours straight so I relaxed by… drawing some more…

The only things I know about Damien and Chiara is that they tend to fight a lot, Damien calls Chiara “Lucky”, and that Chiara is Italian and has a pixie cut. So I had a lot of Artistic Freedom lmao