Went I went to the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand for a meditation retreat back in November, I was surprised to find that there were succulents growing there! Well, since many succulents come from alpine environments, I guess it shouldn’t have been such a surprise… But they seem to be growing so well

p.s. more photos of my time in Thailand to come!

Eating Açai bowls in Chiang Mai = dreams 🌈🌟 maybe one of the best ones I’ve ever had. And all in perfect timing because today celebrates one year of me being Vegan! Can’t believe it’s come so fast, and it’s the best thing I ever did 💚 Our journey and travels in Chiang Mai are nearly coming to a close but I’ve taken many videos and the vlogs will come as soon as I retrieve my laptop back from work 😅


Kuba and I tried out Dada Kafe for lunch yesterday. We’ve been trying spring rolls and mango sticky rice at every place it seems because we want to find the best ones! 😅 These spring rolls were nice because they were fresh and the sauce wasn’t so heavy. Their mango sticky rice was my favourite though, and the best I’ve had so far! I like the presentation of the rice here the most since the rice soaks up all the coconut milk. 😋 Their fresh-squeezed passion fruit, orange, and pineapple juice was super refreshing as well!

All of the food, all of the gains 💪🏼 finding if I eat a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner that I actually have more energy throughout the working week. Not what I used to do in the past, I always would not be hungry then for dinner just eat everything 😂 finding this suiting me better the past 2 weeks. Today’s lunch was mock duck, and sweet and sour veggies 😍 been hitting all my targets this week for running and gyming, started training triceps a bit differently and now I’m SORE 😅
Uploaded a new vlog of Chiang Mai on my channel and the link on my page so check it out!


I’m loving all the vegan-friendly restaurants in Chiang Mai. 😍 Kuba and I had an amazing lunch at Morning Glory Thai Vegetarian Restaurant this past weekend. Everything on the menu is vegan except for two dishes which have the option of adding honey or yoghurt. We ordered pad Thai, spring rolls (three orders total!), Thai tea, and a mango smoothie. So tasty! This is my favourite restaurant so far. The pad Thai and Thai tea were excellent! Thanks to Felix and Angelina for recommending this place! See more of our weekend in my NYE vlog: 😎


Sitting on top of a waterfall pretending I’m not terrified of tipping over the edge 😂 As my new posting schedule on YouTube is Wednesdays and Sundays I have a new video today about more waterfalls in Chiang Mai. This one in Doi Suthep national park was a real hike! If I was to do it again I’d not bring my flip flops 😂 I expected to swim but the water was so icy. I hope you love the video as much as I loved exploring so click the link above and tell me what you think🤔 I’m all about making progressing and growing my skills🌈