Being a Liam stan isn’t fun anymore there’s so much hate and I’m just tired. I can never just ENJOY his projects because someone is always hating on him and I don’t mind defending him I will never stop defending him actually but it’s gotten to the point where this ziam fandom is so fake towards Liam and I’m just done. From now on I’m mainly following Liam stans I don’t care if you ship Chiam or if you’re an anti id rather follow them knowing they actually LOVE Liam than deal with the fake love (only conveniently like him lol) of this side of the fandom. So if you see me reblogging from an anti don’t be alarmed.

“he met her when she was 12 and they stayed together for 30 years” … i cant believe people think this is a good excuse to defend chiam the het side of the fandom needs help like im not even joking they fucking scare me they are all crazy.

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This whole Baby Freddie thing is totally and obviously bullshit but Cher and Liam's baby is obviously not tho. Can't you just be happy for him instead of calling this "babygate 2.0" ? Liam looks very happy with his life rn and we should always support him, Ziam shipper or not.

Yes, Babygate 1.0 was totally and obviously bullshit. I mean, from the beginning…

They announced it before the end of the first trimester in a trashy tabloid magazine

The entire thing has played out almost exclusively on Instagram

It was even announced on Instagram

And there were jokes about it immediately that got mass coverage

Liam, on the other hand…Well, actually…

They announced that they are “trying” exactly nine months before the baby was supposedly born

Everything about their relationship has played out on Instagram

Notice anything about all these articles?

When you search for “Liam Payne” there seems to be one main source…A source intent on insisting that a 14 year old and grown ass woman fell in love at first sight…

Cheryl is a long time gal-pal of Simon Cowell and also repped by Modest Management. Does this arrangement sound at all familiar? 

The Sun, and Dan Wootton in particular, are Syco mouthpieces, so literally anything that involves them directly is like 

Not to mention how the birth was announced…

Is a photo of a photo literally all they’ve got? I’m all for privacy, but the identical photo and similar accompanying text is a bit strange. Could it be because the first photo of Louis and baby was immediately debunked for being photoshopped? 

(An original photo would typically appear with less white, as the white indicates parts of the photo which have been altered.)

Also, re: the naming of the baby being turned into a joke…

Am I sceptical? Yes. Am I wrong? Maybe. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend like all of this seems “obviously” real when it doesn’t.  


I’ve said much lately regarding Liam and his & his teams promo of Strip That Down and his situation, but I need to get this out, then I’m officially done with speaking on it. I have been part of this fandom for 4 years. I have watched this fandom rally around each of the guys in moments of despair in moments of joy and love and frustration. I have watched this band give back everything they have to this fandom & then some. I have seen friendships develop because of this band, my own friendship with my best friend which I wouldn’t trade for the world. I have found love thanks to this band and I know well each and every one of you have in some ways found those same things. I understand that liams promo has been something else which is the number one reason it should appear as shady af to all of you instead of bashing him your support was more needed than ever. You have rallied for each of the guys getting them chart numbers and mass love and appreciation and yet when Liam needed you the most you failed. I get you may not agree with everything that’s been said but if you truly stop and look, take your blinders off, step away from Larry, babygate 1.0, and every other thing that has you blinded to just how fucked up Liams situation is, you’d see just that. It’s fucked up. Nothing about his promo has been normal. Debut singles are promoted for that, not promo for his personal life and stunts. You have all given so much to this band and they in return, Liam especially, whether you choose to admit that or not. He needed you all this week the way you were there for Harry’s, Nialls & Louis with Steve, he needed you to give back to him the way he has for years. He needed your support and love to achieve something he’s DREAMT of his entire life and you let him down. So so many of you. My heart utterly breaks for him because you’ve fallen to exactly what this promo was. I hope you’re all happy with yourselves. Regardless of whether you love the song or not he’s part of one d and has over and over made that clear to you, you could’ve at least not voted against him in every poll you saw. The other boys all had their moments, they all deserved it & so did Liam. Thank you for truly showing me what so many of you are made of and who you are, I’ve truly never been so disappointed.

I’ve just talked to my aunt about the whole pregnancy thing. I had some doubts, so I decided to ask her a few questions since she’s a gynecologist.

According to her thoughts, it turned out that apparently Cheryl was really pregnant but she gave birth two months ago and not now.

Under the cut there’s what my aunt said and why we jumped to this conclusion.

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Sooooo….here’s what I got out of that interview…..

1. Wattpad pushed Chiam HARD. Like to the point where you could hear Liam’s annoyance in his voice at times. (And he stumbled coming up with answers to some of the questions)

2. Liam thinks Zayn wouldn’t want to come back to 1D again because he “hated his time in the band.” (I don’t buy that)

3. Liam does a really bad job at pretending to kiss Simon’s ass. He’s angry- you can hear it in his voice. (Good boy!)

4. Liam sees himself and the boys as the avengers and they would all come back running if someone wanted to start up the band again.

5. He still has that weird new accent going on.

6. Don’t waste your time listening to it. It’s not worth it. Just another excuse to push Chiam. 

So Dan tweeted at 6:04PM Eastern/10:04PM London time:

And the magazine didn’t tweet until 6:32PM Easteren/10:32PM London time:

Almost like they had a 30 minute embargo to give the Sun the “exclusive.” And why the actual fuck would they even agree to that? 

Chiam baby legal release.....

My friend who works for the newspaper said they all had an email from the legal people for Cheryl and Liam (or laim as his name was spelt wrong). Cheryl is very shortly to give birth and it said Liam was the father of the baby. It was long and detailed and was about asking for privacy due to high public and media interest. They will take action if the media intrudes. They ask for no photographs at the hospital, outside their homes or of their baby. They will make a statement after the baby is born. My friend said that the amount of detail is almost asking for attention as they don’t normally get so much in an email, they are reminding the press of the story….

Wanna know my thoughts about the timing for releasing Harry’s ad?

I don’t think Baby2 was going to get much press coverage in the US, because a) no one outside of this fandom really knows who Cheryl is and b) like everyone used to say about louis, the GP may generally know who Liam is, but he’s not a big name on his own. But, it would probably be major news in the UK, and Harry dropping his ad right after would help take those headlines/stories/water cooler talk away a bit. (I’m not in the UK so I might be totally off base with this.) But that’s exactly what it did in my corner of the fandom. Again, I don’t follow *a lot* of Liam or Niall blogs, but from what I’ve seen that’s what happened. 

And, it’s not like Louis was going to get headlines for doing Ultra. He wasn’t a headliner. He wasn’t a performer. He did one song (I’m so proud of him! He did so good!) but like that’s not… NEWS that a major news outlet is really going to report on outside of probably like EDM sites. I really can’t remember a time when something minor scheduled to happen at a festival made major headlines after the fact.

So I don’t think they’re fighting for the same market space with those two events. 

Seems to me like both the Liam and Harry news piggybacked** off a time when they knew at least a portion of the fandom would be online and actively engaged; and then harry was able to overshadow the Liam news while also indirectly giving money to Simon’s competitor. (It aired during The Voice.)

And those of us online and ready for Louis’ performance were all still able to watch Louis because it happened 2(?) hours before. It’s not like it happened 15mins before. And it maybe could have brought more people to the Louis performance–if they were online to talk about Harry but their dash was an echoing cavern of the same gif and picture reblogs, maybe they’d take a few minutes to watch when it started.

Anyway, I think this was super smart coordination and i want to applaud whoever came up with it.

** This is also reminiscent of the Brits voting when Louis told everyone to tweet and then lots of people 1D adjacent tweeted about it. I think they know that Louies will fight for him and back him and are actively engaged in every move he makes. I think piggybacking off of Louis and Louies on Saturday was a super smart move.  

The Chiam Baby

So. Louis and Harry have effectively taken all attention from the Chiam baby announcement today, but I wanted to make a couple of things clear because I expect some OTT fame [seeking] Sunday from the new mom which may result in some asks that I want to head off now:

1.  I still don’t 100% believe that Liam is really the father, but he has said that he is in enough words, so I’m going to roll with that until he says differently. 

2.  I also do not believe that Chiam is or ever was a real relationship, and I’m probably not going to ever treat it like one.

3.  I don’t like Cheryl and while I hope she and the baby are healthy and well taken care of, I have no interest in either of them and except for occasionally making fun of Cheryl’s thirst for fame, I intend to ignore both of them and focus on Liam and his career, here and on my main blog.

4.  Accepting Liam’s word on this situation is not being a hypocrite as some folks have suggested, it’s self preservation. 

5.  I will not now or nor will I ever on my blogs say a single word against Ziams or anyone else that refuses to accept that this child is his. THAT, my Larrie friends, would be blatant hypocrisy. But I reserve the future right to disagree politely. 

And that’s essentially all I have to say about that.