• 600 names - all of these names can be used for any gender, but I divided them into what gender they traditionally are (male, female, unisex)
  • Common and unusual names
  • Definitions and nationalities
  • Pronunciations for Irish/Scottish Gaelic names
  • English, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Greek, German, Latin, French, American, Spanish, Scandinavian, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Iranian/Persian names

** denotes a name heavily associated with a preexisting entity, fictional or real

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☾☆ nigerian names ☆ ☽

in celebration of 800+ followers, i decided to make a masterlist of my favourite nigerian names !! under the cut you’ll fine 37 female names, 21 male names, 27 unisex names, and 25 surnames. The tribe they’re from and all their meanings are included as well. ( note: nigerian fcs can have western first names, and on the rare occasion, western surnames. However, this is just a list of common traditional nigerian names ) please like and/or reblog if used or found helpful!

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