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Why I love ‘Big Trouble in Little China’

For one thing, it’s fun.  This movie just cannot be taken seriously.  Gather friends, order pizza, and cue it up….  gang-ninjas, evil and ancient ghosts, strange smoking shots of liquor, guns that won’t fire with the safety on, Chinese magic by Egg Shen the tour bus driver, improbable insurance claims, and more cheesy one-liners in a small space of time than I’ve seen anywhere outside of a Schwarzenegger movie.  Also, a lot of scenes were shot in the San Francisco bay area, and I grew up around there.

On the second or third watching, I started noticing that this movie was more than just a good time…  It pushes a hell of a lot of stereotypes into territory the movie trailer seems to have been expressly designed expressly to conceal.

Forget the trailer.  Forget Kurt Russel as the headliner, forget the fake-fur monster suit guy who shows up at random, and consider this:

In 1986, there was an action movie about two small-time business owners, one a blue-collar American-born trucker, the other a Chinese immigrant restaurant owner, being actual friends and equals, despite their differences in age, background, and even physical size.  -And yes, Jack drives a semi truck with the motto ‘Haulin’ Ass’ and a chrome mudflap girl on it, and Wang is a crazy-skilled martial artist…

But look closer.  If anything, Jack is played way more over the top than Wang, as the colorful ‘foreign’ character of the team.  He gets mixed up in the plot anyway because Wang is Jack’s friend dammit, and he can and does literally go for a spin in Chinese hell to back him up when Wang’s fiancee Miao Yin is abducted by a human trafficking ring at the San Francisco Airport.  

Jack is not the one who gets the main love interest of the movie.  He does do pretty well with Gracie, one of the lady reporters trying to expose what the Tong crime-lords are doing in Chinatown, but in the end he doesn’t take her up on TOO much before driving off into the night, because why?
Because he’s been married and divorced three times already, and he knows himself better than that.  So, he goes.

I swear, every time I watch this movie, I see something new.


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Magic of Honey. A divine substance, a powerful Magic Tool.

Olympian Poseidon

Honey Magic

“Honey is the dew distilled from the Stars and Rainbow”
magical Properties and uses of a divine ingredient
how to use Honey in spells and rituals

Lore of Honey

Honey, that golden sweet and odorous liquid food, a treasure for healthy living. Honey is probably the oldest sweet substance humans ever tasted. As species, we begun our search for (more and more) honey at least 8000 years ago as we can see clearly on rock carvings at Araña Caves in Spain.

Honey is produced by bees using nectar and pollen from flowers. This is why every honey is different as the final “product” depends on what type of plant bees will “visit” to collect their pollen. And this is not an easy job. They may have to fly over 50.000 miles in order to “produce” about 1lb of Honey! No wonder why they are so protective over it! Bee, an insect so sacred that Zeus Himself, the All-mighty Olympian King of Gods, blessed them by granting their sting to be protected from Men. Well… Zeus turns out to be more fond of Men and then he “added” the fact that once a bee uses her sting, she loses it forever along with her life.

There are many important stories in the Greek Pantheon which underline the importance of this magnificent creature. Apollo, God of Magical & Medicinal Arts along with Divination, was believed to have Mastered the Art of Prophecy with the help of three Primordial Nymphs who were also identified as Bee Goddesses, known as Thriae (θριαί). Those Nymphs nurtured Apollo as an infant and later became his powerful Priestesses. This is also why the Priestesses of Apollo were also called “Bees”. Aristotle loved to say that honey is “dew distilled from the Stars and Rainbow”.

In ancient Egypt, honey was considered a sacred offering (probably its rarity played a decisive role) used to sweeten cakes and biscuits, and was used in many other dishes. Ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern peoples also used honey for embalming the dead.The fertility god of Egypt, Min, was offered honey.

Honey was a powerful offering to the Gods. (Read more about Honey as an offering by clicking here) The hexagonal shape of a typical honeycomb relates to the Number 6, a number sacred to Aphrodite (Venus) as Pythagoras proclaimed in his doctrine of Numerology. Bees were considered the souls of dead priestesses. The sacred Geometry of honeycomb correlates to the Wisdom that the Universe was built upon. Therefore, honey, is the divine essence of cosmos, Life. In honey, energy is so intense, it’s alive!!!

Honey is used in creating Sabbat & devotional deserts, as it is considered a sacred substance, proper for celebrating holy and powerful days.

Alchemical Correspondences

Planet: Sun & Venus
Element: Honey is a perfect example of balanced food by four Elements although Fire exceeds
Metal: Gold
Day: Sunday & Friday
Chinese Chi Properties: Yin (90%)
Gods and Spirits: Zeus, Apollo, Ra, Demeter, Aphrodite, Angels, Fairies,

Honey in Magic.

Honey is so potent that has been revered by Witches as it assisted them greatly to achieve anything they want. Honey is a diverse magical ingredient which can be used in many spells and will enhance the results.

An interesting lore suggests that certain types of honey possess magnified abilities when incorporated in related spells. So a Mage/Witch can use a certain type of Magic to empower his/her power, another type to call for love and another one to banish and protect. Let’s have a look at the list below:

Thyme Honey: Popular in the Mediterranean countries, it is considered to give courage and build self-confidence. Eating Honey from Thyme help us cleanse ourselves from jinxes and strengthens our aura against malevolent attacks. Thyme Honey is also believed to be adored by Fairies.

Lavender Honey: This type of Honey is believed to be extra potent when used in Magic and spells. It is considered a powerful instrument of the Witches and it is also believed to grant Magical Powers to the one who ingests it regularly.

Acacia Honey: It’s one of the most favourite types of Honey worldwide. Acacia’s powers are passing into this Honey and allegedly helps banish insomnia and nightmares as it stops all evil influences. Ingesting Acacia’s honey is believed to restore your Vital Energy which was drained by the Evil Eye or Malevolent attacks.

Manuka Honey: It is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush and is considered one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. Manuka Honey is used in healing spells of the Maori tribe. You can try dedicate some Manuka honey to the spirits and angels of Healing.

Pine Honey: Pine Honey is a very popular honey all over the World. Pine honey should be used by anyone who feels his or her energy at low levels. Pine’s magic is intense and used for rejuvenation. Moreover Pine will help you not only recharge your “batteries” but also protect you from anyone who wants to vampirize on your powers. Pine Honey should be used when we feel we are under demonic or other psychic attack.

Flower Honey: Flower honey is honey produced by bees that pollinate the wild fields. In facts it uses any flower available thus Flower Honey is drenched with the power of Spring. Flower honey is perfect when Spring is what need to “happen” in your life. Flower honey helps us get in touch with beauty, love and the child in us! Use Flower Honey in spells for Love, Friendship and Happiness.

Eucalyptus Honey: Eucalyptus honey is not that common. However, if found it would be an excelent tool for Healing and Uncrossing spells. It is more powerful than Thyme honey in uncrossing rituals & Pine honey in healing rituals. However, use Pine honey when you are under attack and Thyme honey for general protection. In healing spells start with Pine Honey (if your “energy” hits critical levels) and continue with Eucalyptus as it’s milder but more effective in long-term use.

Rosemary Honey: Rosemary Honey is extra potent when dealing with Beauty and Love spells. Rosemary honey can also be used in healing spells but mostly to heal our inner selves. What causes all this trouble in my life? Rituals employing prophetic dreams and self-healing could be more effective with use of Rosemary Honey.

There are many ways to use honey in Magic. There are going to follow several spells using honey. For starters you can use honey to attract what you wish. Angels may be summoned by offering them Honey. Do you want to ask from an Angel to bless you with magical powers? Offer them Lavender Honey. Do you need them to aid you for protection and banishing? Offer them Thyme Honey. Do you need to feel happy and blessed again? Offer them Flower Honey.

Blessed be!

Discover, Play, Love!

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El gran secreto del mejoramiento inmortal y del universo armonioso está expresado en el símbolo del Tai Chi (YIN Y YANG)… Todo toma algo de alguna otra cosa.

La estructura básica del universo que generalmente se reconoce como tiempo y espacio no es algo sólido. El tiempo y el espacio pueden cambiar y disolverse, pero la existencia de un ser o una cosa no puede confiar en el marco del tiempo y el espacio. El tiempo y el espacio no tienen naturaleza propia. Sólo son accesorios de un acontecimiento, una cosa o un ser.


¿Lo sobrenatural es algo separado de la realidad de la naturaleza? Estas dos realidades pueden discutirse por separado, pero ambos lados pertenecen a la misma sustancia de la grande y única vida universal.




Okay my theory is based on this awesome fanart. As we know Po got the staff from Oogway and it shows the Yin and Yang in which only the Yang is out of Jade. If you look closely we can see that the part where the spot of the Yin should be is empty and the Yang point floats between the staff. In other words, A YIN STAFF LIKE IN THE FANART WOULD PERFECLTY FIT IN. Now I discussed this on a previous post (the Phoenix one) in which I think that Tigress is the Yin (Tiger/Phoenix) and Po the Yang (Dragon). Now what if Tigress gets a staff like Po but only with the Yin part? They could match the staffs and release their combined Chi (Qi), the Chi of the Yin and Yang, finally bringing balance to the universe. This would be such a beautiful ending to the KFP franchise. (I also could imagine Tigress becoming something like the “Phoenix Warrior” in sorts) We don’t know why Tigress’ parents abandoned her at the orphanage but we do know that it wasn’t an accident and that without that happening we wouldn’t have Po as the Dragon Warrior or the Five in generell. It was destiny that Po AND Tigress got brought to the Valley of Peace. What if it was all foretold in a prophacy older than Oogway himself? There are so many beautiful ways to let this franchise end and therefore closing the circle. So, what do you think? :D
What It's Like To Take Photos Of A Dying Man
Like millions of Chinese gold miners, He Quangui was stricken with the lung disease silicosis. At first he didn't want his story to be told, but over time he came to trust the photographer.

“I probably cried more for this story than any other stories I’ve done,“ says the photographer. “There were some film producers and editors that I wanted to work with. I showed them [my] footage and they were like, ‘Oh, this is unusable. There’s so much shaking and sobbing in background.’ That was just me. It was a very emotional experience.”

In Beijing, even the tiniest apartment can cost a fortune — after all, with more than 21 million residents, space is limited and demand is high. But it is possible to find more affordable housing. You’ll just have to join an estimated 1 million of the city’s residents and look underground.

Below the city’s bustling streets, bomb shelters and storage basements are turned into illegal — but affordable — apartments.

Annette Kim, a professor at the University of Southern California who researches urbanization, spent last year in China’s capital city studying the underground housing market.

She found that the underground residents are mostly young migrants who moved from the countryside looking for work in Beijing.

“They’re all the service people in the city,” she says. “They’re your waitresses, store clerks, interior designers, tech workers, who just can’t afford a place in the city.”

Read more about Beijing’s underground at

Photo credit: Sim Chi Yin/VII