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Asian Actresses in Period Dramas - (Mini Masterlist)

It’s not as easy to find an abundance of pictures for Chinese actresses as it is for actresses from elsewhere. Let alone actresses in period dramas. If you’re not an avid drama-watcher and just want an actress who’ll fit your period faceclaim, you might not know who to start with or who’ll fit. Because of this problem, I’ve made a little list of Asian actresses/models (mostly Chinese) in period dramas. In this, I’ll list who has enough pictures and even videos for you to icon and/or gif.

When searching these actresses, try to search both their Chinese and English (if they have one) names. Also search for their name followed by the their movie/show name. For video resources, I use Youtube. Now, let’s start with…

Liu Shi Shi / Cecilia Liu

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high (predominately on tumblr)
Videos for gif & gif icons: High (video(s) to look for: Imperial Doctress, Sound of the Desert, Chinese Paladin 3, Brotherhood of Blades)

Zhao Wei / Vicki Zhao

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high
Videos for gif & gif icons: Medium (video(s) to look for: Painted Skin, The Duel, Mulan: Rise of Warrior)

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So many shirtless scenes in the very first episode… I feel like they baited us. You know, they showed us all the goods in the first episode to hook us in, and now they will just tease us for the rest of the show. Whatever the reason, I’m happy right now! LOL! 


Why I love ‘Big Trouble in Little China’

For one thing, it’s fun.  This movie just cannot be taken seriously.  Gather friends, order pizza, and cue it up….  gang-ninjas, evil and ancient ghosts, strange smoking shots of liquor, guns that won’t fire with the safety on, Chinese magic by Egg Shen the tour bus driver, improbable insurance claims, and more cheesy one-liners in a small space of time than I’ve seen anywhere outside of a Schwarzenegger movie.  Also, a lot of scenes were shot in the San Francisco bay area, and I grew up around there.

On the second or third watching, I started noticing that this movie was more than just a good time…  It pushes a hell of a lot of stereotypes into territory the movie trailer seems to have been expressly designed expressly to conceal.

Forget the trailer.  Forget Kurt Russel as the headliner, forget the fake-fur monster suit guy who shows up at random, and consider this:

In 1986, there was an action movie about two small-time business owners, one a blue-collar American-born trucker, the other a Chinese immigrant restaurant owner, being actual friends and equals, despite their differences in age, background, and even physical size.  -And yes, Jack drives a semi truck with the motto ‘Haulin’ Ass’ and a chrome mudflap girl on it, and Wang is a crazy-skilled martial artist…

But look closer.  If anything, Jack is played way more over the top than Wang, as the colorful ‘foreign’ character of the team.  He gets mixed up in the plot anyway because Wang is Jack’s friend dammit, and he can and does literally go for a spin in Chinese hell to back him up when Wang’s fiancee Miao Yin is abducted by a human trafficking ring at the San Francisco Airport.  

Jack is not the one who gets the main love interest of the movie.  He does do pretty well with Gracie, one of the lady reporters trying to expose what the Tong crime-lords are doing in Chinatown, but in the end he doesn’t take her up on TOO much before driving off into the night, because why?
Because he’s been married and divorced three times already, and he knows himself better than that.  So, he goes.

I swear, every time I watch this movie, I see something new.