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🎀 master list of sweet sorority photo poses! 🎀

Sorority sisters love to take photos and sorority sugar loves these CUTE poses!


The Faux Conversation:

The Glitter Flurry:

The Elbow Clutch:

The Scenic Landmark:

The Circle:

The Legs In The Air Don’t Care:

The Sand in Our Toes:

The Flag Unfurled:

The Happy Hands:

The Straight Arm:

The Boot Scoot:

The Square: 

The Chalkboard Crush:

The Wall Sit:

The Timeless Squat:

The Shirt Showoff: 

The Arm In Arm:

The Tummy Tuck:

The Perfect Pair:

The One Leg Lift:

The Air Born:

The Just Hangin’ Around: 

The Sorority Sign:

The Blowing Bubbles:

The Pyramid: 

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Please don’t pass judgement on something you don’t understand.

I just read an article about a sorority recruitment video that “is worse for women than Donald Trump”–I read the entire article and watched the video, expecting some horrendous taboo recruitment video. I didn’t get what I expected. It was a complete run of the mill plain Jane recruitment video. The article states"It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives: College Edition. It’s all so … unempowering,”. When in reality it shows a group of girls goofing around, having fun and bonding with each other to form a sisterhood. Sisterhood is ultimately the reason a girl joins a sorority in the first place, so showcasing that is an extremely important part of the recruitment process. Speaking from experience, the making these types of videos is sometimes choreographed and sometimes someone just pulls out a camera and starts filming friends joking around, sitting and talking. 

Do the girls all have on nice outfits, their hair done and makeup on? Yes! Of course! Why would somebody post a video of their sorority looking like crap? That’s not going to attract PNMs. In many sororities, including my own, sisters pride themselves on appreciating beauty, both of themselves and their surroundings. This isn’t in vain or for shallow reasons, but simply because when we look our best, we feel our best. We are confident and ready to conquer anything. When we wear our letters or represent our houses, we are encouraged to spend a little extra time grooming in the morning to look put together. Similarly when I went on field trips in high school, we were instructed to wear nicer clothes and be nicely groomed because we were representing our school. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in yourself. 

Thirdly, the author tells us that the video is lacking : any mention of core ideals or service and philanthropy efforts”. Recruitment videos are meant to be supplemental. They are shown to PNMs DURING the recruitment process. These PNMs are also talking to the sisters about their values and philanthropies. In fact, when I went through recruitment, the video was shown during our philanthropy round. We met with the girl who was recruiting us, talked about the philanthropy that house was involved in, watched the video, and did a small craft for the philanthropy (i.e. making sugar free iced tea lemonade for the JDRF walk when the philanthropy is Diabetes Research and Education). We don’t see it in the 5 minute video, but we talk about the values of the houses for 4 days, each time we visit. 

The author concludes saying “It’s the kind of thing I never want my young daughters to see or emulate.” That’s very sad, I want my daughter to emulate sorority women. Women who share a bond that lasts a lifetime. Women who seek wisdom, who aspire to keep their bodies and minds healthy, speak kindly with those who they meet and cherish the friendships they make along the way. I want her to be a woman who looks for ways to contribute to her community and show respect for herself, her home, and her beliefs. I want my daughter to be honest, kind and sincere. I want her to have high ambitions and find a way to reach them. That is the kind of woman I want to be, I want to raise and that is the kind of woman that is in a sorority. 

RANT OVER. Please, just do research and find the appropriate information on a subject before you pass judgment. Not everything about a system can be shown in a 5 minute video that’s meant to be an advertisement. 


sorority sugar IN LOVE

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🌹 RIP WSU ΔΔΔ & ΠΒΦ Sisters 🌹

Sympathy and strength for the greek community at Washington State University. They lost two beautiful young women to fatal car accidents this past weekend and a ΧΩ sister is still in critical condition with severe injuries from the first crash. 

Please send your thoughts and prayers to these women’s families, friends and sisters as everyone tries to cope with these tragedies. Drive safe and hug your loved ones a little tighter this Thanksgiving break.

Missed banquet for the first time in 5 years.  Its just now hitting me that I’ve been out of school for a year.  Here, as I sit on my cheap futon watchin reruns of friends.  I keep having flashbacks.  To the late nights.  The stupid fights.  I miss everyone.  I miss it all.  All the people, the trips to Dennys, standing outside at 530 in the morning handing out papers, packing everyone into one car, and then one room for sectionals.  I miss my brothers.  I feel so disconnected.  How do I make this go away.

Alpha Phi Omega AKA Home

So, I graduate in 4 days, and I’ve spent the last couple weeks trying to figure out how I felt.  I figured it out on Saturday, at my last active banquet. I realized that for the past 5 years APO has been my home, not this school, not this town, but my chapter.  Chi Pi has given me the best of times, and has made me who I am.  They built me up, made me strong.  For every tear shed there were a hundred smiles.  APO will forever be my home, and I am more than grateful to have found this family.  As I read through the letters from all my brothers, in our semesterly What My Brother Means to Me, I came across the one that will mean the most, and stay with me forever.  This is because it started off with a simple quote, from one of my favorite bands, that sums up my time with APO:

“I won’t run away, run away

As fucked as this place got, it made me me" 

-Hoodie Weather - The Wonder Years

Because through all the good and bad, through all the stress, this chapter, and my time with APO made me who I am, and I can’t thank everyone enough.  

No matter where I go I know APO will always be home.  Not in the physical sense, but in the sense that I’ll never feel as comfortable as I do around brothers.  Standing in the circle for the toast song, is the closest I’ve ever felt with a room of thousands of people.  At the national convention in Atlanta, I felt like I could talk to anyone, and it would be like I’d known them for years, and the same goes for every sectionals, for Serve, and just everything I’ve done.  

APO is home.