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House of Vans Chicago | Free Skate Style

It may have been below freezing, but Chi-Town upped the style game for the free skate session at House of Vans Chicago. Check out a few of our favorite looks from the event.

GoChi Day

Going-Away Suit, Prompt:  Honesty

So they’d hashed out their differences and said everything they needed to say on deaths, aliens, kidnappings and the like.  The past year had been the hardest year yet in their short-lived marriage.  Not many unions could’ve survived the unbelievable challenges thrust upon their family after peaceful years of happiness.

But Chi-Chi was stubborn.  And Goku didn’t know how to fail.  They also had a little boy who was counting on both of them.  Said little boy was tiptoeing in through the door of Goku’s hospital room, which had been home away from home for the three of them over the past months.

He was ready to leave them - and not just from the hospital.

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