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Compilation post of all the travel pics I took with the bean on our HK trip so far! I suspect there won’t be much more, if any at all, in the next few days. Just basically wrapping up souvenir shopping and household errands before it’s time to fly back home. Here’s a list of the places we visited in these pictures:

  1. open kitchen (ifc mall)
  2. Hong Kong Park
  3. Pacific Place
  4. Tea WG (ifc mall)
  5. Nan Lian Garden/Chi Lin Nunnery
  6. Junji Ito Exhibition @ PMQ
  7. Lee Tung Avenue
  8. Fashion Walk
How sweet it is to be loved by you

A completely pointless fluffy Philinda-in-Ireland fic. Literally. All fluff. No angst to be found. Haha. Title is a Michael Buble song.

Dedicated to the birthday girl and one of my favorite people EVER, @b00k-freak! I LOVE YOU.

Also on AO3.

He tries to read the book.

Honestly, he tries. 

The whole idea of this vacation spawned from his desire to read this book in Ireland. Granted, he wasn’t sitting in a pub at the moment–which had originally been part of the dream–but he was much happier with the way his idea had turned out instead. 

Rather than a noisy pub, Phil sat in a beautiful old house with polished wood floors, a garden out back, and a view of the Irish country-side that was to die for. Currently, Phil sat on the couch in the cozy living room as it rained lightly outside, his sock-clad feet were propped up on the coffee table, and he was trying his best to keep his eyes from straying to the other side of the sofa, where the source of his distraction sat.

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Let’s have some Cut & Run fun!  Here’s a prompt if y’all wanna get in on the action-

If Zanewinder were superheroes (or supervillains!), what would their names and powers be? 

Here’s what I came up with:

Ricochet (Nick O’Flaherty): A sniper and marksman who is able to influence probability and luck to alter the trajectory of his bullets so that he never misses. Capable of amazing trickshots.

The Edge (Zane Garrett): Vigilante based out of Miami. Highly proficient with bladed weapons. Also highly unstable after the tragic death of his wife. Walks a fine line between hero and villain.

Mr. Boom (Digger Garrigou): Merc for hire. Carries an obscene amount of firepower. Likes explosions, the bigger the better.

Twitch (Ty Grady): AKA ‘The Human Battery’.  Uses supersonic vibration to generate massive amounts of electricity that he is able to wield like a weapon. Completely incapable of sitting still. Can generate EMPs that will fry any electronics nearby.

L33T (Owen Johns): Hacker/cracker.  Able to insert his consciousness into computer systems to mine data.  Wealthy owner of the largest security firm in the U.S.

Rx (Kelly Abbott): Healer with the power to manipulate life energy (Chi).  An avid gardener in his spare time.  

Dead Man Walking (Elias Sanchez): Empath with the gift (curse) of foresight. Knows the exact hour of his own death.

Anyone else wanna try?  Please?  Pretty please?


Some selection (photos) of Vietnam from my camera.

1. Halong Bay (Halong Bay)
2. Bamboo boat view (Halong Bay)
3. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (Hanoi)
4. Fruit stall (Hanoi)
5. Pho (Hanoi)
6. Secret Garden (Ho Chi Minh City)
7. Outside of Cho Ben Thanh Market (Ho Chi Minh City)
8. Inside Cho Ben Thanh Market (Ho Chi Minh City)
9. Post office (Ho Chi Minh City)
10. Lacquer art factory for the disabled (on the way to Cu Chi Tunnels).