chi chi and the greek

🎀 Master list of sweet sorority photo poses! 🎀

Sorority sisters love to take photos and sorority sugar loves these CUTE poses!


The Faux Conversation:

The Glitter Flurry:

The Elbow Clutch:

The Scenic Landmark:

The Circle:

The Legs In The Air Don’t Care:

The Sand in Our Toes:

The Flag Unfurled:

The Happy Hands:

The Straight Arm:

The Boot Scoot:

The Square: 

The Chalkboard Crush:

The Wall Sit:

The Timeless Squat:

The Shirt Showoff: 

The Arm In Arm:

The Tummy Tuck:

The Perfect Pair:

The One Leg Lift:

The Air Born:

The Just Hangin’ Around: 

The Sorority Sign:

The Blowing Bubbles:

The Pyramid: 

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Transgender men will now be accepted into one of America’s oldest fraternities 

Transgender men looking to join a fraternity may now join any chapter of Chi Phi, one of America’s most well-known Greek-life organizations. The body declared that anyone who is legally recognized as male is eligible for membership, regardless of gender at birth. But despite this progressive step, there’s another issue that still remains.

I sat down during an event with my fraternity and talked about being trans. Honestly, it’s never been so comforting to know that a group of “masculine” guys have openly accepted who I am so easily. The amount of texts I received after talking to them was overwhelming and incredible. I was always worried about actually talking about it to them. I always felt like it was the elephant in the room. Now, I can finally breathe. You really find support in the last place you’d ever expect. If you’re transitioning or considering transitioning, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone. You’d be surprised by who might be the most supportive person about it. I’m lucky to say that sixty guys have my back and have made me feel like any other guy.