Big news! (I mean, for me.) I finally did a real photoshoot and got on Instagram. What a wonderful, beautiful, geeky community is there–i had no idea. So it’s been a very positive experience discovering how many craftsy, like-minded people are out there creating square photos of lovely geeky things.
You can find me at sewpoke_cosplay.
I plan on using it for my choicest, prettiest photos, with not many words. Tumblr is better for words.
This is the set photographed by the amazing @chezphoto-cosplay.
(Not all of them, and they were all lovely, but I wasn’t satisfied with my face because it was pretty similar in all the different shots and poses, so I will work on that for the next time.)


I finished this a while ago, but didn’t have the time to go through photos. So, better late then never! Here’s the first look at my Cia cosplay from Hyrule Warriors! I’m crazy proud of how this whole thing turned out. Months and months of tedious work, tiny details and cutwork applique that you can barely see. But she’s finished! wooh!!

Photos by Chezphoto and Natchan

sirfrately  asked:

i'll have u kno that iphone pic w the hair matching sunset was not an iphone pic i took it w my cnon 5d markXXVIM that my daddy bought me thanks

Stop lying to Tyler Oakley and all of your other 400,000,000 fans #StayHumble

also the first time it came on my dash, i captioned it “…i have class with this girl in 30 minutes.” but really i meant at least an hour cause you’re always late as heck.

So I keep thinking “oh man, I haven’t done a shoot in ages, I have nothing new to post, waaaah.” And then realize I have a bunch of stuff I just have totally forgotten to post.
So here’ the first official not-con-hallway pic I have of Lana from Hyrule Warriors (this is her DLC costume!) that I made for Nan Desu Kan. I don’t think I have EVER put so much work into a costume. This was so difficult, just wow. There is detail on everything and it took ages. But I think the end result was pretty cool. ^^

Photo by ChezPhoto