chez raspoutine


Chez Raspoutine - Paris

Enter into a world of rich red velvet and dim, pink-neoned lamps at the trendy Russian-themed nightclub, Chez Raspoutine in Paris, located just off the glitzy Champs-Elysées. Once a popular hide-out by “tout Paris”, which included Serge Gainsbourg, today the cabaret has become a favorite by the young and elite, consisting of top models and figures of the fashion industry, along with wealthy heirs, movie stars and musicians. A few years ago Carine Roitfeld hosted a “Bal des Vampires” at the club, closing the Paris collections of Fashion Week in style.

Chez Raspoutine:

Address: 58 rue Bassano

75008 Paris

8th arrondissement 

Telephone: +33 (0)1 55 90 59 53


“so, before you say ‘it’s too late, ana’ or ‘i’m tired, ana’ or ‘i don’t feel like going out, ana’ — hear me out. we are in the city of lights, and what better time than to see those lights than late at night? and, get this, i got us an in at chez raspoutine, the fuckin’ best club in the city. and i am not going out alone, so what do you say? are you in, or are you in?”