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My main character was slammed into a brick wall and hit his head. He lost consciousness briefly, was alert for a few minutes, and now has lost consciousness again. His partner rushes over to my MC. Assuming that his partner has a very good understanding of first aid, what should the partner do? Will my MC's pulse and breathing rate be slower or faster than normal? An ambulance has already been called. What other steps should the partner take?

Your character is dying.

The strike / loss of consciousness / brief period of lucidity / re-loss of consciousness is pathognomonic (read: One True Diagnosable Sign) for a traumatic subdural SUBARACHNOID hemorrhage, which is an arterial bleed inside the skull. That blood expands and puts pressure on the brain, which has nowhere to go… but it will go there anyway.

Your character’s breathing will likely ramp up and then decelerate, with periods of just… stopping. It’s called Cheyne-Stokes respirations, and it’s the body trying to manage cerebral bloodflow. His pupils will be uneven, with one bigger and the other constricted. His pulse will be normal and dip down to slow and then back up to normal; as he worsens, it will simply be slow.

Understand that what you’ve given your character is a catastrophic injury. A great many SAH patients don’t live, and he’s going to, he needs brain surgery basically yesterday.

As for first aid, keeping the character on his side isn’t a bad plan (but first they should feel the spine to make sure the neck hasn’t been broken). This will help when the injured character starts vomiting profusely.

If you want to make this a less lethal event, I would consider either a) simply extending the period in which the MC is unconscious the first time (and not putting them out a second), or b) have them lose consciousness and wake up a few minutes later but be very confused and lethargic.  Trust me, a few minutes is still enough to indicate plenty of brain damage, and plenty of drama and fear, because the seconds stretch into minutes in those situations.

For further reading I suggest you take a look at the head injury tag and the TBI tag!

Thanks for your ask and I hope I could help!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Letter from Mick Jagger to Marianne Faithfull, 16 August 1970

“Dearest Marianne, I woke up this morning and had you in my mind so I thought I would just talk to you a little. I haven’t seen or heard of you much lately and wondered how you were? I saw Chrissie grooving off to Morocco in abandoned style a few days ago, I’m just getting my things together to go on tour to Europe though haven’t got used to the idea yet of all that work and traveling and of course I haven’t a clue what to wear. Things have changed a lot recently here, completely different people come around which I find sometimes peculiar. We have good fun but I’m glad to be going away as its becoming a little tedious. I have no idea where you are in your mind nor should I expect to but I hope there are green fields and flowers where you walk. I’m sure Nicholas is having a good time please throw him in the air for me. Marlon is now 1 and walks and is bright but will inevitably have an Oedipus complex don’t you think! If you find time please drop me a line or telephone before I go away at the end of August as I would love to hear from you. You will always be precious in my thoughts. As ever, Mick.”

i cry

Lesson 7: Demons

By: Admin Vorst

Live class date and time: To Be Determined

Demonologist, demonolator and Satanists.

Demonologist study demons.

Demonolators study demons and worship them as divine beings.

Satanists adhere to Satan and or may not include demons in their religion or practice.

These terms can overlap,but don’t need to.

With this I’d like to quickly introduce myself. Hi, I’m Vorst and I’m both a Satanist and a demonolator, though Satan is my God, above everyone else. I’m also oath-bound to Him, which means I’ve promised to worship Him my entire life.

With this a warning: don’t make oaths for the fun of it. Changing your mind can happen, and in experience: neither gods nor demons will take kindly to oath-breakers.

Where does the word ‘demon’ come from?

The word comes from the Ancient Greek word 'δαιμον’, which the Romans also wrote as 'daemon’ later on in their own literature.

The meaning of the word 'daemon’ is: a spirit between gods and Man. You can see that the Greeks nor the Romans ever saw daemons as malicious spirits.

That changed with the rise of Christianity and Abrahamic religions in general. In contrary to Roman tactics, some of the now newly conquered Christian countries slowly began to forbid and shun any worship of gods and spirits outside of their own pantheon.

To the eyes of the Christian in these places, foreign beliefs were seen to be evil, corrupt and disfigured. Their gods being viewed as evil beings, out there to ruin people’s lives. They were to be portrayed as such that no one would ever want to associate themselves with these deities, and so previously normal words to describe certain entities had now gotten a sinister meaning.

That is the reason why people in modern times have taken it upon themselves to use 'daemon’ again instead of 'demon’, to distinguish themselves from the people who see them as solely malicious.

What are demons?

In modern shows and TV-series most hold on to their favourite stereotypes: terrifying evil creatures constantly possessing humans. In the more obscure films and media forms, they’re starting to slowly get to the truth of demons, usually portraying their wit and intelligence. This is most likely due to Christianity becoming less influential - and the fact that controversy is a great hit in everything.

Darker parts of the human self. Our darker emotions, such as fear, anger and sadness are seen as our personal demons. But also addiction, violent behaviour and sexual acts, as demons themselves are often associated with exactly these. These inner demons, as they are called, are obviously not the demons I will be discussing.

In reality, the entities known as demons are spirits and/or gods from ancient times. Most of the time, however, there is a line between when an entity is considered a demon, and when a god. Satan, per example, is referred to being both “the God of this world” and the king of demons. Some say he is not a demon, and some say he’s a demon but not the leader.

Another example of this is Astarte. Both seen as the female counterpart of the demon Astaroth, but she is also known as the Middle Eastern goddess Ishtar, worshipped from the Bronze Age in the ancient Levant among the Canaanites and Phoenicians.

Another example being Beelzebub, the Lord of Flies, as Biblical scholar Thomas Kelly Cheyne suggested that it might be a corruption of the name Ba‘al Zəbûl, “Lord of the High Place” (i.e., Heaven) or “High Lord” - a god previously worshipped.

The line between whether demons are gods or spirits is fairly vague. It is also worth noting that some have mentioned that some, like Astarte, might take offence to being referred to as a demon, so do be aware when contacting them and ask them what they want to be referred to as.  


When people do feel like they’re possessed it’s usually either that they’re not well in touch with their inner selves, or that they’re influenced by negative energy of maybe a spirit. Though it is far more often the first scenario that’s causing the sensation. Of course, this excludes people with mental issues, who I advice to seek professional help in these cases. Also, therapists can help too.

Are demons evil?

Demons are as equally evil as gods are, as demonolators see them as divine beings. We all know gods of war, and yet they were worshipped. We know of gods who have murdered, assaulted and committed various human crimes and were and/or are still worshipped. There are various reasons for this, one being that gods can never be wrong, as they are not bound by human rules and transcend human morality. This, however, is more of a philosophical idea so I will not elaborate on that now.

Because demons are often portrayed as having characteristics similar to humans, one could never fully call a demon solely evil, nor could they ever be solely good.

This will probably make you wonder:

Is it reasonable to fear demons?

Absolutely. Whereas not per se evil, all are capable of acting hostile - this being their one trait everyone agrees on.

Demons are ancient and powerful entities that often care not for human problems. They often view humans as either acceptable or downright worthless to them.

And why would they in any other way?

In most religious practices, a god grants a human their prayer to come true when the human has presented themselves favourable to said god.

In the case of demons? They require no worship. Some gods don’t need worship either, but in the case of demons they appear completely separate from humanity. Despite that, as demons are closer to the raw core of human emotions than the general god would be, demons feed on the strongest of feelings: sadness, anger, fear, love and happiness. Demons are seen as spiritual predators in this regard.

As they require nor seem to desire an active response from humans, they are not inclined to mix themselves with mortals.

This does not mean a demon will never be genuinely kind. They will be. But do note that demons are skilled tricksters in getting what they want through fake promises and sweet lies.

When assured a demon expresses interest, kindness and acceptance a mutual agreement can be agreed on.

Banishing a demon?

So before I go into working with them, I’ll discuss how to get rid of them. First of all: ask them to leave. Be polite. Maybe they’re just simply approaching you.

If that does not work, try salt or spells to make others distance yourself from you.

You could also try and evoke another authority figure, like your god, to protect you.

Don’t engage them in a fight. Antagonized demons are the last you would want.

Working with demons?

Demons are wise teachers and are willing to share their secrets when either politely asked or forced to do so.

Either way seems to work fine, and have different names as well.

Evoking a demon is the act of forcefully conjuring a demon in your space, as in shown and described in the book of the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Invoking a demon is the act of inviting a demon in your space. You leave it up to the demon whether or not they show up.

The latter is obviously far more polite; modern demonolators prefer that one and I will be discussing that one the most.

Invocation differs from person to person. But, I will now state the general idea of doing this safely.

Always go for an invocation and never an evocation. This is personal advice. Demons will not be pleased if you force them. When casting a circle, during invocation the demon will be inside the circle together with you, with positive energy.

During evocation, the demon will be trapped inside the circle, the person outside looking in. Honestly, it’s terrible to start an acquaintanceship like that.

In order to prevent antagonizing the demon, be polite and go for an invocation. An invocation can be as difficult as you want it to be, in its simplest form it can even be as small as a prayer.

In my case, I cleanse my room, surround myself with a mental barrier (or through a smell I associate with Satan) where I invite the demon in. Then I draw a general summoning circle in the air. This can be done with a ritual knife, athame, wand or you hands. When using a sharp object do remember not to stab it in the air as if it’s an attack.

We don’t tend to attempt to knife our guests.

Afterward, or during, I say the Enn for the specific demon I wish to invoke.

Enns are short sentences in an unknown language, claimed to be demonic, of invitation, admiration or requests of protections. There are various theories on how they were found. The first demonolator who wrote them down was Alexander Willit in the 16th century. Later, other demonolators used them in their practice too. We know it is a language, with grammar, but we do not know the grammar itself yet. We do know the meaning of some sentences. Because we know little, we also do not know how to correctly pronounce these enns. Say it how you want.

Some examples of this language and their translation: “Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous” could be translated as Fire protect the flame, Lord Flereous, per example. Another example is the enn for Barbatos, which is: “Eveta fubin Barabatos”.

After that, I go and meditate until I feel a presence. When I do, I politely try to communicate with the demon, mentally or verbally. There are various ways a demon can show itself depending on your spiritual state. Experienced demonolators reported manifestations so strong they initially thought someone had broken into their house.

When done, I thank the demon and end the invocation. This can be as simple as saying goodbye and as complex as an entire ritual. Do what you feel works best.

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Attraction Meme - Iriel Bell

(( HOW DID I MISS THIS. TUMBLR PLS. Thank you, @grumpy-limsan-customs-cat​! Sorry it is so magnificently late! <3))

“Don’t you know all this already? What do you do with all this information?” Bell’s brows were up, his cigarette halfway to his mouth. He stared in consternation at his little Xaela friend, perched on his couch as ever–as though we had not left. But, she only smiled mysteriously, lowering dark lashes over secretive, golden eyes. He sighed, put the cigarette to his lips, and puffed in mild irritation.

“If I find out this is fueling more personal ads, I’ll have your horns as catalysts.”

Surenqara’s smile grew, patient.

Physical Attraction Levels

“Unacceptable,” Bell snapped around the cigarette. “These terms are undefined; what does ‘physical attraction’ imply? That I want to get to know them? Ravish them on sight? This is deliberately unscientific.”

“Very well,” Surenqara admitted, leaning back. She was amused, her tail patting the couch in an idle rhythm. “Define them.”

Bell narrowed his viciously green eyes at her, then exhaled sharply through his nose. Smoke followed: an irritated, blond dragon. 

💔 Non-existent - “A useless rating to me; everyone is attractive in their own regard. We throw it out.”
💛💛 No Preference - “Usually due to having not met many exemplars.”
💝💝💝 Date-worthy - “Attractive, yes.”
💘💘💘💘 Fancied - “I will probably end up staring.”
💗💗💗💗💗 Preferred - “Out; I find it insufficiently differentiated from ‘fancied’. I’m not looking to drag someone into an alley on sight.”

“Better, hm?”

Surenqara rolled her eyes, and beckoned him on.


♂ Sea Wolf Men: 💛💛 (”Have you met Ketengeim’s father? I feel imperiled merely thinking about him as attractive.”)
♀ Sea Wolf Women:  💝💝💝
♂ Hellsguard Men: 💛💛
♀ Hellsguard Women: 💝💝💝 

”The sad fact is that I have met too few Roegadyn.”


♂ Highlander Men : 💘💘💘💘 (”If you tell Osgrim I said this, I’ll also take your scales as reagents.”)
♀ Highlander Women : 💘💘💘💘 (”If you tell Dr. Fenshaw I said this–” “Yes, yes,” Surenqara reassured him.) 
♂ Midlander Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Midlander Women :  💝💝💝

Bell muttered something about face shapes, jaws, brows, noses. Shoulders and postures, strength. He seemed to prefer Hyur near his height, men a bit taller, women shorter. When he realizes he’s been talking about necks for a few minutes, he devolves into abashed mumbling. Surenqara let him go on, wicked.


♂ Wildwood Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Wildwood Women : 💝💝💝
♂ Duskwight Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Duskwight Women : 💘💘💘💘 (”You can tell Cheyne, I leave her poetry sometimes.” He was proud of it.)

"I do have a slight bias, here. No doubt due to the sheer quantity of devastating Duskwights in my life.”


♂ Seeker Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Seeker Women : 💘💘💘💘
♂ Keeper Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Keeper Women : 💘💘💘💘

"There is something particularly enchanting about the little, pointed teeth on Keepers. Otherwise, they tend to be on equal footing,” he frowned at that. “That of being noticeable to me, I suppose.”

“Provided they are suitably fluffy.”

“That is a scientific study. I am not measuring Lurial and Tiergan’s fluff density to compare their attractiveness!” His face was red, brows furrowed furiously. Surenqara laughed.


♂ Plainsfolk Men :   💝💝💝
♀ Plainsfolk Women : 💝💝💝
♂ Dunesfolk Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Dunesfolk Women : 💝💝💝

"No less becoming for their stature, though I do find it difficult to dismiss the initial reaction of “child-like”. Usually, I am quickly disabused of the notion with their typical wit, however.”


♂ Xaela Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Xaela Women : 💘💘💘💘
♂ Raen Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Raen Women : 💘💘💘💘

"I’m not sorry; you’re all fascinating.”

“Are you going to drag me into an alley?” Surenqara grinned, impishly.

“Perhaps to rifle your pockets for sensitive personal information about myself,” was the retort.