cheyennethatswright asked:

Let me guess you support Obama? Talk about being educated.

It’s pathetic that I’m Canadian and still have a better understanding of American politics than an American. It doesn’t matter whether I’m pro President Obama or Governor Romney; I’m pro whoever is qualified and better for America. And it’s not Governor Romney that’s for sure. 

 I would keep arguing with you, but theres no point in having a battle of wits with someone who is clearly unarmed. 

cheyennethatswright asked:

and you are just assuming what I know? Well you know nothing why are you even getting involved if you are from canada, I know what I know and it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

I don’t understand why you are continuing to argue. WHO is president is irrelevant, it’s WHAT they do as president that matters and I think President Obama should have another four years to complete the projects and plans he has been working on for the last four. If you were to fact check Governor Romney during the debate I’m sure you would consider another candidate.
Ps, I’ve been living in the US for over a year to go to college so the politics do matter to me. The presidents Foreign Affair acts directly affect me.

cheyennethatswright asked:

It's more pathetic, that you say you know more, when you don't know a thing about me.. and don't personally know me. Seriously? I don't understand what makes you possibly think you know more based on the fact I am voting for Romney, you established all that based on one post... that's pathetic and completely ignorant. Who the hell do you think you are.