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So Cheyenne Freemont's costume absolutely sucks and I was wondering how you would redesign it? (You don't have to draw it I'm just curious about your thoughts)

you cant ask me a question like that and not expect a redesgin! 

So not only is this A really ugly looking costume that makes no sense at the top, (like that blue gets rip the girls are coming out) but she is supposed to me a fashion designer? and she chose to just copy a costume, and subtract armor? has the person who came up with look ever seen Project runway? do they know how designers think? 

So here is what I would do. this a Quick sketch I did in the car. 

First and foremost hair goes up. Lose hair fighting is just as Dumb as heels. DC  wants to make her inspired by Night wing but show a little more skin? That’s Fine Im not going to pretend there isn’t an audience for showing more skin . but I would re-purpose an old costume instead of a bad clone of the costume he is wearing. and since she is a fashion designer, make it one of the more out there looks.  Tweek it so its a little more Girly looking, give her long gloves, thigh high boots, maybe a battle skort.

Let’s start off simply by saying, the art in “Brothers in Blood” sucks. It goes from decent to horrible in the same panel, and never really gets above passible.

That being said I’m certain the artists on this story had some kind of breast fetish.

I’m going to start by looking at the way each one of her outfits was drawn in order of appearance.

The first thing we see her wear is a robe due to the fact her first appearance takes place after having sex with Dick (which in context of the issues that came before this is not only a terrible way to introduce a new love interest, but also extremely disrespectful to Barbara, but that’s a topic for another day).

The robe isn’t too bad on the revealing stage until she’s grabbed by a would be rapist.

The next outfit we see her in is a red dress that only lasts a panel. Now the dress in itself isn’t all that bad, it’s the angle that’s the issue. The artist drew the image from a birds eye view into her cleavage. Classy.

Next up is a poorly drawn business suit. Now I love this suit, it’s professional and the colors are nice, but it lacks so much detail that it’s unappealing. The only time the suit looks descent is when she’s unbuttoning it which leads to another cleavage shot.

After that is my favorite outfit she wears, that appears for a total of 3 panels. It’s a black dress that fits her personality, looks professional (which is a bonus when dealing with a character who puts their all into their work) and is overall not terribly drawn, though it is a bit mediocre.

Then there’s a purple business suit with a green tee shirt, which in complete honesty has no reason being sexualized. I mean I get it, she’s a “sexy” character and she knows it and she’s comfortable with it. But I mean this is a tee shirt, there is no reason for it to be so low cut. Well yes there is a reason, the artist wanted to make sure we all knew she still had breasts.  

Next is a yellow, extremely low cut, button up tank with a leather jacket and a pair of designer jeans. This outfit is wonderful, but when I say low cut, I mean low cut, unnecessarily so. The artist could have brought it up even a just a little bit and it would have worked. Instead it’s stops being “this character is comfortable with her body” and starts being “this artist really, really, likes breasts”.

The next thing she wears is a green jersey like shirt that’s actually not at all cleavage heavy, even though it’s a v-neck. Which means the artist does know how to draw v-neck and low cut shirts without being cleavage heavy. Which is honestly more upsetting.

 This next outfit is wonderful. Honestly I think it’s just the black dress with the skirt cut off and a pair of really nice pants. Not much to say.

Then we have her Nightwing costume. Oh golly goodness, her Nightwing costume. Let’s begin at the most obvious head scratching moment. It has a Breast SockTM built into it. I’m not kidding:

Which is just the artist being disrespectful to the character on more than one level. She’s a fashion designer. Hell, she’s a fashion designer who appears in newspapers and TV. She’s also a woman with breasts. So it’s safe to assume she knows how breasts work, and how shirts work. But the artist doesn’t seem to, he also doesn’t seem to understand how armor is supposed to work. Look at this:

Her heart is exposed to any bullet, or shrapnel, or pointy stick even. She’s a very smart character, that much has been established. She knows better, unfortunately she’s not real and doesn’t have any agency and is forced to have someone who doesn’t know better draw her.

After her godawful costume, we have another extremely low cut green shirt. This time a crop top with a black tank top under it. This one, isn’t actually all that bad, but at this point we’ve been so over saturated with the cleavage shots that it’s off putting.

You can’t really make out the next outfit due to the way it’s drawn. What’s worse is it seems to keep changing. First a night shirt, then a tee shirt, then a robe with a tee shirt, then a business suit. The whole thing is very confusing.

After that mess we get a Superboy shirt and pair of cut offs. Not bad actually and I wish she was shown more in stuff like this.

Again the art is too messy to make out what she’s wearing next. Lovely.

After that we see her in what appears to be her undergarments, so no point in talking about it past she’s not all sexualized while in her underwear, but she is a tee shirt?

Then we have a poorly drawn trench coat, and finally you can’t quite make it out but it looks like a green tee shirt.

Now a lot of this could be argued away with the “she’s confident in the way she looks” argument. And I agree. I love seeing characters being confident in the way they look, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing that she has large breasts. But panels like these:

Make it very clear that this wasn’t done from thinking “what’s best for the character”. It was done for either A) the artist had a fetish B) hoping people would stick around for the cheesecake or C) all of the above.

In fact out of the four (FOUR!) female characters that have speaking rolls past one sentence in the story two of them are sexualized. I’m convinced Clancy got off scotch free because she was in scrubs for almost all of her appearances, and the other character, Trish, only appears in one outfit for one issue. Cheyenne’s other assistant, Rebecca, isn’t nearly as lucky despite appearing in pretty moderate clothes, she still gets several cleavage shots.

Came across an older costume I haven’t gotten to wear yet- Cheyenne! I made this costume back in june for AX, but never got around to finishing the gloves, so she never got worn. She’s all finished now, but i’ve been holding off on wearing her to any cons since by myself i’d just look like a poorly designed female Nightwing - so im waiting until my boyfriend (who is an aaaamazing Nightwing cosplayer by the way) and I can attend another con together.

I didnt put on the gloves for this picture because herp derp touchscreen phone (nor did i spirit gum the logo down for obvious reasons), but im loving the way my suit fits now! when i first made it i was ~10lbs heavier, so it looks a lot more flattering now than i did around AX time. (Taken with Instagram)

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