Issue 1 of Runic Academy.

It’s short because I did this with only a couple months to spare for Emerald City Comic Con earlier this year. There are a few more pages in the comic with some rough sketches and short character bios.

If you’d like a printed version of this, it’s for sale over at Indyplanet ( )

I am going to be working on continuing this shortly and I think I may combine issue 2 to issue 1 to make it a full 24-page comic.. and then anything further will be in web comic format. (And for the future, if things go well.. the comic will be made in print format if and when I gather up lots of pages!)

But here! Uploaded to Tumblr! Enjoy! I spent a lot of time on this and any feedback would be appreciated! All artwork is by me and the characters are mine and Echo’s! ( )

Enjoy! (There are so many things I would change now. Ahhh!)

Oh. To full view images to read the text. Click on the page. Then right click to “View Image”