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Spencer laughed as he leaned against Bee,
“You…are so pretty….” It wasnt often spencer let his wife convince him to go out drinking with the team…but his wife could be very convincing fresh out of the shower.

Bee laughed spencers weight on her back as he leaned against her, her fingers fumbled with the keys trying to get it in the apartment door handle.

Once inside spencers mouth was on her neck as they stumbled through the hallway, knocking more then a few books off the shelf.

Flopping into bed spencer pulled Bee close to him, arms wrapping around her
“You’re gonna be my wife one day….but shhh don’t tell my current wife…” Bee snorted nodding against his chest
“Babe…i am your wife…” Spencer looked down at her laughing
“Right…right…you are my wife…brenda but hates brenda so i just call her Kitten…and she calls me daddy….and….you are so pretty” Bee laughed shaking her head
“Go to sleep…my drunk dr. Genius.”

Now Bee remembered why spencer never got drunk…now she remembered.


You even got the whole me hating my name part :’) this is so cute thank you so much!!!!

He felt it, the bite of anxiety, the rush of need to hold her, Bee, his love. She was in the evidence room marking the geo map with the latest victims, he walked away ignoring the rest of JJ’s sentence, she understood.

Bee was turned towards the board marking out the comfort zone when spencer wrapped his arms around her his face burying in her neck sighing out the tension in him, feeling the anxiety fade at her comforting smell.

His lips pressed softly against her neck and shoulder area
“I love you…you know that…” He heard the soft chuckle as she nodded, her hand moving back to tangle in his hair.

Her touch was all he needed, her scent was his true comfort, she was all he needed to feel safe and back on the ground not floating in the sea of anxiety.

He held her close, his lips pressing soft kisses every few moments, looking up finally he smiled he was just as much her comfort as she was his. They kept each other grounded. Love had a way of doing that it seemed.


Hi um I love you Chey

How many Kastle events in a row are too many Kastle events in a row, you ask? Well, we’re about to find out. In honor of celebrating the holiday season and the end of the year, make way for a cozy Kastle Christmas! The Kastle fandom is full of wonderful people who are always so responsive to participation, so it’s time to end our year with something that’ll leave us with a good feeling. Like our last fandom exchange, Kastle Halloween, Kastle Christmas is an event in which participants get matched up with other members of our community to pass out gifts, from fic to gifs to art/ect, from Christmas Eve (24th) to the end of December (31st).

From this moment on, you’ll have six days to get in on the action – by submitting the following information to the @kastlenetwork

  • Your Name as well as the URL that you wish to receive the gift at.
  • What do you not want? (Let your creator know your squicks/triggers/distastes that you don’t want to receive).
  • General preference in what you’d be happy to receive: fic, art, edits, ect, as well as a three included prompts. This exchange is an open prompt for all creators, they can make you what they’d like to make you (as long as they avoid what you don’t want). The suggestion prompts you supply are there to help inspire and guide your participant, if they need it. However, the gift is ultimately up to the creator. This is a Secret Santa, after all, and surprise is part of the fun!
  • Are you willing to take on an extra participant if someone needs to drop out? [Please only say yes to this if you’re SURE you can manage to fit in another gift inside of the schedule.] [If not, just ignore this.]
  • The mediums you’re willing to create in. Writing. Art. Gifs. Edits. Playlists. Whatever you’re comfortable making, is fine.
  • What will you not make? [nsfw, ect. ect.]

Sign ups for Kastle Christmas will take place from the 23rd of November through midnight (ct) on the 28th. If you’re a few minutes or hours late, don’t worry, I just want to make sure that no one gets left out of the fun :D I’ll figure out and organize all of the pairings from the sign up sheets and announce pairings on the 29th through ask boxes and/or messenger (so, please make sure those are open for me to send you your participant). Life is wild and unpredictable, so if you need to drop out, please let me know by, at least, the 10th of December, so that I can reassign your participant – while still giving the new creator time to make something.

Gifts should be tagged with #kastlechristmas and the url of the recipient (without the uses of dashes ‘ - ’ which do not register with tumblrs’ tagging system). As well as the normal day-to-day fandom tags, including: #kastleff and #kastleedit

A note that for this Secret Santa, holiday themed gifts are not necessary, but I do encourage them for the event. If your inspiration takes you in an alternate direction, by all means follow that inspiration. I want everyone to make something for their recipient that they can put their full heart into and not worry too hard over something they’re unsure about. But, if you can make your gift in the theme of Christmas/Winter/The holiday season/Ect. and want to, I definitely encourage you to do so. 

If you have any questions for your participant about what you’re making them, remember to only ask them while on anonymous and try not to let them know too much, so you don’t spoil the surprise! And if you need any help or have any questions/need for clarification (because, I babble too much and therefor said something stupidly), send me an ask and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Happy Kastle Christmas! 

– chey / @kastlenetwork