chex bars

creativeclary  asked:

clizzy + snacks

•shadowhunters are buff af and they’re constantly training so they probably grow up eating like granola bars and chex mix. and then izzy met clary and clary introduced her to the wonderful world of doughnuts and brownies and junk food in general
•sometimes really late at night alec will hear laughing coming from izzy’s room and he’ll pop his head in and see clary and izzy watching tv and laughing hysterically with a mountain of snack cakes on the bed
•i know izzy is canonically bad at cooking, but there are some recipes that are too simple to mess up. she’d learn how to make rice krispy treats and she’d be so excited to have made something that people actually like
•sometimes when one of them trains the other will watch from the sidelines eating popcorn
•theyve perfected the ability to toss snacks into each others mouths. like most people can do it from a few feet, but they can do it from yards away or from the second floor to the first. it makes jace so nervous bc he’s scared they’ll choke
•part of the reason they’re so in love is bc they have the same taste for nasty food. like simon is shocked that clary managed to find someone who also likes anchovies and extra sauce on their pizza and eats mayonnaise on pringles