I present to you: Drunkstuck
  • John:the drunk that can't hold alcohol and is passed out in the tub after one beer
  • Dave:you can't even tell when he's drunk
  • Rose:we all know drunk rose
  • Jade:the angry drunk that hates everybody
  • Jane:the drunk that's never touched alcohol and goes into this crazy table-dancing, streaking rampage and winds up passed out with her head in the toilet
  • Roxy:we all know drunk roxy
  • Jake:the very loud, very obnoxious drunk
  • Dirk:the dare-devil drunk
  • Aradia:the drunk that spouts off random bullshit and dances around everywhere
  • Sollux:the drunk that's all bitch i'm fabulous don't touch me
  • Tavros:the creeper drunk
  • Karkat:the unnecessarily happy drunk
  • Nepeta:the drunk that hits on everybody and sings shitty karaoke all night
  • Kanaya:the drunk that thinks everything is "soooo cooool heeheehee"
  • Terezi:the sexual predator drunk
  • Vriska:the drunk that slowly winds up with fewer and fewer clothes further into the night
  • Equius:the drunk that's very serious and contemplates the meaning of life and the universe and all that shit
  • Gamzee:the drunk that sits in the corner laughing his ass off the whole time
  • Eridan:the overly-emotional drunk
  • Feferi:the drunk that turns into a ninja and scares the piss out of everybody

Ok I forever have the headcanon that Karkat ends up watching a bunch of human romcoms that have french in them and he ends up fascinated with the language and then he tries to learn it and says a bunch of romantic stuff to John and John’s just like ‘haha what’ and then they cuddle and this needs to happen I want somebody to make this a fic. I will marry you forever if you do