chewy draws

So recently ive been into a kpop group called KARD, which is unique for its mixed genders….and naturally, i had to draw my ships as an idol group lol. 

Halfway through i realized that their names make the acronym LAME, and i found that absolutely hilarious. So, now it’s their official group name lmao


Levi likes to be a dick

A gift for @disnerdpoketrainer :D :D
I noticed you like starwars as well as pokemon :D
Thank you for always saying nice things about my art even though I hate most of it. It makes me so happy that you like it :)
You encourage me to get better at drawing. I’m sorry i haven’t thanked you before for the nice things you say; I’m a little Internet shy, sorry!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for just being a really nice person to everyone on here!