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Quick, don't think about Chewbacca and Zeb arm wrestling!

The noise, though.  The two of them screaming at each other (insults and trash talk during and victory cheering/loss complaining after, regardless of who won or lost)?  Plus all the spectators cheering.

Until Hera told them to knock it off, of course.

iconic star wars things:

-blue milk
-twin suns
-s a n d
-that one stormtrooper in episode iv that just,,, runs into the blast door
-“close the blast doors, close the blast doors!!”
-“ive got a bad feeling about this”
-stormtroopers not being able to aim for the life of them
-“i love you” “i know”
-any name han has ever called leia, IE “your worshipfulness, your highnessness”
-the opening crawl
-the PowerPoint-style scene transitions
-“somebody get this walking carpet out of my way”
-“aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”
-“you scruffy-looking nerfherder!!”
-darth vader in his entirety i mean have you ever seen a man so extra
-“another happy landing”
-the sound of destroyer droids rolling down the hall
-cliché but artoo and threepio
-“listen to them artoo, theyre dying”
-A H S O K A T A N O
-“be careful not to choke on your aspirations, director”
-the mystery of who exactly stole the death star plans
-that mystery being solved in the most emotionally tormenting way lucasfilm could dream up
-its been only like 24 hours but ezras deadpan “may the force be with me” in Zero Hour
-the darkblade/darksaber whatever its called
-“go save your girlfriend” “right–wAIT ANAKIN SHES NOT MY–”
-“oh i hate it when he does that”
-“i have the high ground”
-the alarms on admiral raddus’ ship and leia’s transport as vader boards them in rogue one and episode iv
-“snips” “skyguy”
-i doubt anyone will get the reference but: oobidoob scooby-dooby benubi
-those weird food things they eat that remind me of taquitos
-“luke i am your father” vs “no i am your father”
-kylo rens ridiculous temper tantrums like whats his problem he acts like hes three
-rey just,,, “please, luke, take the lightsaber i cant stand here with my arm out like this all day”
-“if you see our son, bring him home”
-“chewie, we’re home”
-the original theme that plays as soon as the millennium falcon comes into view in episode vii
-the falcon itself
-the noise padme’s blaster makes like that was the most pleasing sound to me as a kid
-“general syndulla to the briefing room, general syndulla to the briefing room”
-“rebellions are built on hope”
-“theres a problem on the horizon” “what problem?!” “there isnt a horizon”
-“im not used to people sticking around when things go bad” “welcome home”
-“i am one with the force and the force is with me”
-all of mandalore and its citizens like goodness id be able to recognize that from a mile away
-“use the force, luke”
-“when 900 years old you turn, look as good you will not”

feel free to add on

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hey Elzéar! I just bought a rlly cheap cat toy as a stim toy; it's rlly soft ns it rattles suuuuuper nice! on a similar note, do you think dog/cat chew toys could make for good chewies?

They would probably be fine, they may be a bit tougher and I’d stay away from flavored ones

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Does ARK have the option to mail discreetly? (No logo, etc)? I want a chewie but I don't want my parents to judge me

I have just sent an email to ARK asking. When i know i will reblog this post.
Chewie - QuickLikeLight - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Fluff, Alternate Universe- No Supernatural, Established Relationship, Domestic Fluff, Dogs
Series: Part 2 of Bring Your Daylight, Bring Your Dark

Scott brings home a puppy that they absolutely cannot keep.

For @sterekwolfstar who requested some fluff tonight. Hope it helps!

Six Sentence Sunday

A little teaser from Chapter 4 of Epic Love, my TFA fix-it fic. (Chapters 1-3 are posted on AO3 here and on FFDN here if you’re interested.)

Han seemed to have a way with those Force-sensitive beings who weren’t quite sure about the Jedi; something about his gruff but kind manner and his overall bearing made it clear that he wasn’t about to force anything (so to speak) on anyone. You could come with him and Chewie, or not, and Han gave the impression that it didn’t much matter to him either way, but maybe you’d like to meet this kid he knew who was strong in the Force and wound up helping to save the galaxy, and maybe you’d like to know more about that light in yourself, too. And if you did, they’d take you to meet Luke Skywalker, and make sure you got there safely. Chewie’s presence was comforting to the non-humans, and Jaina’s natural talent for connecting with beings of all kinds set them at ease once they were actually on the way to Luke. But most of their success was due to Han.

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hi! i'm looking for a chewie, but i don't know what i should get. the website doesn't matter to me as long as the chewies are safe, anything you can reccomend really! i guess i can say i'm a moderate chewer, but i enjoy using my canines and biting through whatever i chew on occasionally. i've ripped through 6 pacifiers and a whole bunch of rubber bracelets. could you please help me out? thank you!

For you i would recommend a long medium firm/firm chewie such as the kryptobite of the bitesaber. (I personally prefer the bitesaber over the kryptobite) 

If you would prefer a handheld chewie i can recommend the Y-Chew or the grabber. The Y-Chew tend to be the longest lasting since it has three “arms” all of which are chewable with front/back teeth (and canines). 

If you chew with your canines i would not recommend the kyptobite in XT since it can be pieced by shape canines if you find “the sweet spot” (where your upper and lower teeth are at their sharpest and jut bite through the chewie).

Some other options to consider include the chew tube (either in 3/8″ or 1/2″) or stimtastics braid pendant (although the braid does have the same problem as the kryptobite XT). 

(I recently made a master post, which might help you as well)



For those of us with impulses to eat things, here is a recipe for edible kinetic sand! It’s a pretty similar texture.

-1/3 cup Packed Brown Sugar
- 2 tablespoons All Purpose Flour
- 1 tablespoon Butter
- sprinkle of Cinnamon (optional!)

Put them all in a bowl and break up the butter with a fork. Once it’s mostly crumbled, start mushing it with your hands until it’s like kinetic sand!

If you don’t like the texture, you can add either more butter for more doughey texture, or more flour and sugar for a grittier texture!