chewy sweetarts

Thanks @heretherebebooks for tagging me!

  • name: Mable
  • birthday: March 13
  • gender: Female
orientation: Straight
age: Thirtysomething
  • favorite soda: Cherry Coke

  • favorite candy: Chewy Sweetarts
favorite pizza: Pepperoni, Mushroom, & Green Olive
  • favorite salad dressing: Garlic Expressions (Find it - it will change your life!)
favorite meal: Enchiladas or Sushi
  • best memory: Vacation with friends
  • best friend: My fiance
best pet: I don’t have a pet now, but I adore my neighbor’s dog, Joplin  

  • best celebrity: I do enjoy Michael Fassbender
  • one random fact about you: I studied Spanish, German, Latin, & Japanese. 
one random fact about your day: 
I bought some stroopwafels
  • one random fact about your job/school: It’s my company’s 30th anniversary this month
  • one random fact about your favorite tv show: I just watched Anne with an E and think it’s super cool that the episode titles come from Jane Eyre

I’m tagging (no pressure, only fun): @brightbeautifulthings, @painfullyawkwardintrovert, @wishingstardust, @elsarenard, @symonereads