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Random Facts Game

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Rules: Say 5 random facts about yourself.

1) Most people hate getting up early, but I always feel as if I’ve wasted so much time sleeping in and getting the sleep I need. I’d love to sleep in until 9:30 but like, at that point, I feel as if I’ve wasted so much of the day. It’s a love/hate relationship with getting up early.

2) I hate anything gummy and chewy. Like gummy bears, sour keys (and only the sourness is good), jelly beans, chewy jolly ranchers (only the grape ones are good) taffy, gum (tho it depends with this one), gummy worms, dark meat (that gets chewy and tastes like shit), and those peach ring things. They get stuck in my teeth, and it’s a bitch to get it out, and sometimes it hurts :(

3) I have a fixation for pens and paper. Like, thick, leather-bound notebooks with the paper an inch thick between the cover and the back of the notebook, and pens that are so graceful you cry when you write with them. Alas, I never use them because the best ones are hella expensive. (I do have some tho) It’s like a writer’s orgasm when you walk into the notebook isle at Wal-mart and see the expensive notebooks that are bound like that and oooooomg (i need to go to Micheal’s and see if they have anything similar lmfao)

4) I hog the bed and I whimper in my sleep. And because of that, my family can never take me on a camping trip or to a hotel for a few nights with them unless I have my own room, because I will wake them up. Once, my brother and I had to share the bed because it was so expensive to have separate rooms, and I hogged the bed, stole the blankets on him, and whimpered throughout the night. Apparently, he tried waking me up. 

5) I firmly believe that I am one of the most prude people on this earth, and so visibly innocent. I don’t drink to excess like other teens my age (dude, I have two glasses of wine and i’m tipsy), I don’t do drugs, I’m not out partying, I don’t have sex. Fuck, I’ve never been on a date. I’ve never kissed anyone. The only people I’ve hugged are extremely close friends and family, and even then, I really only hug my mom. I’m so awkward when It comes to physical contact, like “How to lace hands” “How to kiss properly” “How to describe a kiss” those are legit things I have had to look up because I am so physically inept.

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I made Hot Fudge Sundae cupcakes. I didn’t really follow a recipe, I had the funfetti cake mix, used buttercream on top, with melted hot fudge topping, and finally I used chewy cherry jolly ranchers as the cherry (warmed up and rolled into balls) as I don’t like cherries.