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How do you think Kara and Carol Danvers would get along? What do you think would happen?


And then Kara was gripped with a strange, sudden urge to adopt an orange tabby and name it ‘Streaky.’ The end.

Heya! ♡♡ I feel like it’s about time I finally start using this account. ;; So I’ll let you know a bit about me! Ya’ll can call me Chewy! I’m a hobbyist digital artist, and I generally range from anthropomorphic or human/humanoid art.

When it comes to socializing, I try my best. ;; I’m always open to chat or answer questions, but I might be a little bit awkward at first. My apologies!

I hope ya’ll like my profile!  ♡♡ Have a wonderful day!

A gift for @disnerdpoketrainer :D :D
I noticed you like starwars as well as pokemon :D
Thank you for always saying nice things about my art even though I hate most of it. It makes me so happy that you like it :)
You encourage me to get better at drawing. I’m sorry i haven’t thanked you before for the nice things you say; I’m a little Internet shy, sorry!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for just being a really nice person to everyone on here!