You Two Should Get Married

The very sweet Rosie made a post asking someone to write a Crisscolfer version of this interview (x). I asked her if I could give it a go.

Here’s ~1,780 words of Chris and Darren being the flawless couple we would expect them to be. 

Darren gave Chris’ shoulder a comforting squeeze before being led towards the side of the stage by the stage director.

After a few moments they heard the voice of one of the hosts. "Welcome back everybody. Our upcoming guests played the beloved couple famously known as ‘Klaine’ on the hit TV show Glee. Their on-screen romance simply extended into their own lives, but let’s see if these two are as perfect together as their characters were. Everyone put your hands together for Chris Colfer and Darren Criss!”

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Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka play Chewlyweds.


This is adorable!!!!

Neil Patrick Harris Plays Chewlyweds! - The Chew


cutest friggin video EVER


I want a relationship like that! They’re so great together, how can anyone else compare?

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka!

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The Chew - Neil Patrick Harris Plays Chewlyweds! - The Chew (by abcthechew)

The most perfect couple to ever perfect. I sat here for 3 minutes screaming, “THEY’RE SO CUUUUTEEEE.”